Medical Tourism in Poland

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Customer feedback

Diane, UK
Nose job. I never liked my nose. Only just now I came into some more cash, so I decided to finally do the surgery. It was a lot of swelling in the beginning but when it healed, looks great now. Even anasthetics wasn’t so bad. Surgeon who operated on me, not a very „touchy – feely” person, but great proffesional.
Claudia, Sweden
Protruding ears. I am very pleased with the effect. Finally, I can let my hair down. i even think about making my hair short beacuse now I have nice ears.
Frederic, Sweden
Hair transplant. I had hair transplant with STRIP method. They tell it is never what you imagine, what your expecttions are. That’s true. Still, it is a lot better!
Gill, Norway
Dental implants. I wanted to have dental implants. I thought, it would only take two visits to Poland, but I had to come 3 times., so the whole proces was, for over a year. But it was worth it.  They all new what they were doing. I was in Cracow. Also, they have patients from Scandinavia all the time, so they know how to deal
Joan, UK
Breast enlargement. First of all, I’m pleased that people in clinic, actually, listened to what I had to say. I think, thanks to that, I got what I wanted – little A to big C cup. High quality care, worth its money.
Hollie, UK
Breast reduction. I had my breasts done two months ago. It was reduction and correction because they didn’t look nice after breastfeeding my two children. It was a huge problem for me, didn’t feel attractive at all. Now I am happy they look nice and I don’t need to be afraid to show myself in swimsuit 
Dave, UK
Hi this is just a follow up to my recent visit to your clinic in krakow.every part of the visit was very professional from the very helpful receptionist to my consultation and x rays that followed. I now have all the info I need regarding my treatment and will have to see what is feasible for me to do in the future.Its quite an expense and I hope to be able to have this treatment some time next year.thank you for helping me know more about where I stand and if I decide to have the treatment done it will be with you.

Eryk, Norway
Excellent skilled and professional treatement. Very kind reception by the staff. Clean and helthy envirnment - in all - very satisfied. They were given flowers as I left them, and promise to come back.