Medical Tourism in Poland

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Beauty and Dermatological Center Krakow
1. First, after treatment, it was slow, now, I can easily see the result, as my abdomen, is getting smaller and smaller. Still, I have made no change in my daily routine. I didn't change anything in my diet or didn't include exercise in my daily living. It is the same way I had it before. Although, procedure is giving me inspiration to include exercises in my daily routine and get more improvement in other parts of the body too. Also - price, it was very affordable. I would got back there in a heartbeat.
2. There was a time after week 3, when I started getting discouraged with the results. My tummy came back to its original form. It even started losing numbness. I was so surprised when on Week 5, there was a considerable flattening of the stomach. It was amazing to see my pants falling down as well! I appeared less flabby and bloated. Most of the results start show up between 2 – 4 months so I am looking forward to see what else happens
3. I decided on coolscuplting because I was horrifically scared of plastic surgery, liposuction.
Procedure of coolsculpting didn't involve any cutting or laser usage, like it is advised after traditional liposuction. I wasn't stunned after results, although doctor informed me it will take some time to see them, but after weeks I saw improvement. Also - the clinic I visited in Krakow, was great, helpful, proffesional staff, nice design, everyone was very friendly and proffesional.
Dermatological and Aesthetic Medicine Cabinet
I decided to do 1st generation Thermage many years ago. It most the most painful and unbearable  treatment I’ve ever had! It was so bad I even wanted to terminate the treatment. Effects were good but it hurt a lot. But, luckily aesthetic medicine cabinets (this is what they have in Gdansk, where I visited) have now 3rd generation Thermage CPT, I can’t say you feel nothing but feeling that you have during procedure is bearable (I took some painkillers before treatment) and now I am waiting for results.
2. I didn't say anything to anyone, that I was having anything done but I started getting all the feedback from my co-workers that I look great and I even lost some weight (I didn't). I had Thermage CPT in Gdansk. First I had great fear of the unknown, and I took a lot of painkillers before treatment, and only had my forehead done first. After all I thought - what is all the fuzz about. I am planning to go back for Thermage on face and eyelids.
3. When I hit my 40th birthday, it was an occasion for me to do some remodelling on my face.
I didn’t want botox or hyaluronic acid, I was advised to do Thermage. Although procedure was painful for me, it was worth it. The doctor - true proffesional, top shelf!
Dermatological and Aesthetic Medicine Cabinet
1.I can honestly say that my expectations have come true. They do all the stuff there, but I decided (after dermatologist consult) to do laser fraxel and ulthera. I treated décolletage and face. I was recommended 3 session with both treatments. I am after two, coming back in a month for third one. I am very pleased, because quality there is worth it’s money.
2. When I decided where should I go, I heard that this clinic is one of the biggest in Warsaw. I usually prefer small places where I can count on individual care. But I decided to risk it, because it was highly recommended, also heard polish celebrities go there.
And it was true, it was very big, still design was great. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I had coolsculpting done there. Everything went smoothly and professional. I am thinking of going back there to do some anti aging treatments for face.
Dental Clinic Krakow
1. The whole experience was good and the staff  were all extremely helpful. Found the place to be very clean, tidy, organized, very good value. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about dental treatment abroad. I spent ¼ of which I had my valuation done in UK, for the dental work that needed to be done. Great value!
2. I been in the clinic twice already. Each time my treatment was painless (they use system  wand). I had four extractions, couple crowns, eight root canal fillings, toot reconstructions.
Staff in clinic was always very proffesional, everyone speaks perfect english. The standard of work was outstanding. People should not think twice about travelling to this clinic
3. I am not origin UK citizen but I have lived here for quite some time. I was always shocked how expensive dental treatment is there, and to be honest, quality of work there, isn't impressive.
I did tooth implant and root canal treatment, also couple of crowns. Staff was very polite and competent. Equipment in the clinic was very impressive. At each step of treatment I understood exactly what was about to happen. I highly recommend this clinic.
Hair Transplantation Clinic Katowice
1. Three weeks ago, I had a hair transplant procedure performed. The procedure was performed under local anesthetic infiltration. During the procedure, there was a sensational atmosphere, I did not feel any stress. Wounds heal very well, the scar is small. Units for transplantation were taken from the occipital headache, surgery was performed by FUT method. Despite the short period of time after transplantation, effects are excellent. Dr Sandelewski is delectable man, the best specialist in the field and you can see that he likes what he does. A real handyman. I would recommend such a great doctor without any hesitation.
2. I had a hair transplant procedure performed by BHT. Hair units for transplantation were taken from chin. The procedure lasted about six hours in a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. During treatment, I could watch TV, read the newspaper and  joked with the doctor, who is very fond of his work.
Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Center Warsaw
All the staff, have been amazing. I did my smart lipo there, abdomen and lovehandles that I couldn't bear when I looked in the mirror. After surgery I felt a little soar but I healed very quickly. I even made changes in my diet and started exercising. Very pleased with the result.
Plastic Surgery Clinic Krakow
I first went for a consult to see doctor about my liposuction procedure. He explained everything perfectly to me, gave me great price and we set the date for procedure. It went smoothly. Of course it was painful afterwards, but it wasn't something that I couldn't bear. I can recommend this clinic for surgery.