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Terms of use

Terms of Use of „CosMedic Travel”
1. General Provisions
1.1. "CosMedic Travel", hereinafter called „The Website” means the content and services provided by electronic means available at the url and all extensions of that address. Site owner is a company GDZ, Grazyna Dutkiewicz, ul. Sienkiewicz, 27, 30-033 Krakow, NIP: 525-19-06-893, Regon: 013121854, acting on the basis of an entry in the register of economic activities nr. 5972/2010 
2. „The Website”, in accordance with the polish Act on Electronic Services dated 18 July 2002 (OJ No 144, pos. 1204), provides an e-service that provides the possibility of using intelligent search engine and offers reservation services from the scope of aesthetic medicine, cosmetics, plastic surgery, medical services and additional services, hereinafter referred as „Offers”.
1.3. Providers of „Offers”, hereinafter referred to as „Partners”, provide services to members of The Website, hereinafter called „Users”, under the terms of a cooperation agreement with the owner of website.
1.4. „User” of  The website can only be an adult with full legal capacity, which under the law, on its own behalf may acquire rights and incur obligations, and who approved the "Terms of use of „CosMedic Travel” also called the "Regulations "
1.5. User by registering on the site agrees to receive commercial offers and newsletter in electronic form, of which each can also be opt out by clicking on the link resignation.
1.6. Content and services available on „The Website”, in the form of „Offers” from „Partners”, are available to all Internet users.
1.7. The Website is not responsible for the content provided by the Partner, published on The Website
1.8. The Website seeks to obtain bids for Users of services with the utmost care. Service is not a party to the contracts concluded between Users and Partners and is not responsible for the execution of the services covered by the Partners Offers.
 1.9 Cosmedic Travel values users privacy. Cosmedic Travel website does not share users data.

2. Reservations in „CosMedic Travel”
2.1. Submission of Offer, by the User is done by accepting „The Regulations” and pressing the "Book now" button.
2.2.  User can book Offer when it is available on specific date. If the service is to be made earlier than 3 working days before coming to Poland, in order to make reservation User should use  booking form should to inquire about the Offer, or contact the consultant by the messenger service made ​​available to the website or by e-mail address IIf the reservation is made, less than 2 weeks before date of treatment advance fee is not refundable.
2.3.  In the process of booking the Offer, the User provides: name, information about coming of age, e-mail address, contact telephone number. In the case of a subsequent change in any of the data User should immediately update the data in The Website.
2.4. After booking, the User at the address given at registration, will be sent an email confirming his reservation.
2.5. Booking the Offers means giving the consent to transfer to the Partner site, information about the user data in the form: name, e-mail address, contact telephone number.
2.6. Partner is contacted with the User in order to propose specific hour of procedure or an alternative date and indicating information on the documentation necessary for the procedure, which is the subject of the Offer.
2.7. Reservation is valid if and when User, according to individual arrangements will Partner, will provide the required documentation necessary to complete the service which is the subject of the Offer.
2.8. User may opt out of the booking of Offer, without giving any reason, up to 14 days before the date of execution of the Offer, but not longer than 60 days after booking. Resignation is done by sending statement of resignation, which includes giving the reason, to the administrator on Reservation fee in this case is returned to the User.
3. Payments
3.1. Using The Website is free of charge, The Website charges no user fees associated with services.
3.2. At the time of booking you pay 5 percent estimated value of booked Offer as a reservation fee. In the case of some Offers the fee is higher and amounts to 10%. This fee guarantees your reservation and preparation for services.
3.3. You can cancel your reservation up to 60 days after payment, but no later than 14 days prior to the procedure. In this case, the reservation fee is refunded
3.4. You agree to settle 95 (or 90) percent of the value of the Offer booked via the Website, in resort of Partner.
3.5. Prices of  Offers provided by Partners, on The Website are given in Euros. Payment at the partner center is assumed in polish currency (PLN, zł). The conversion rates shall be made according to average exchange rate of the date on which the booking was made.
3.6. Currency exchange is available at the Website for informational purposes only and should not be regarded as a reliable and accurate. Actual prices may differ from those calculated by the currency converter on our site.
3.7. Prices shown include 23% VAT (polish tax), unless stated otherwise.
3.8. The Website often gives the estimated price of the procedure (if it is, information about it is provided). The final price of the treatment the patient learns during the mail consultation or telephone with Partner. In some cases, the final price of the treatment can be determined only on the spot.
3.9. Partner has the right to change the price of the Offer after the booking by User, only if the exchange rate will change significantly, which is above 10 percent. Partner is obliged to inform the User about changing prices. User has the right not to accept Offers in the new price, cancel them and cancel the contract. In this case, reservation fee paid by User shall be refunded in full.
4. Lowest Price
4.1. The Website makes every effort for his Users to pay the lowest possible price. That’s how the Website closes the contracts with the Partners. If after booking on our website you will find on the internet, same offer, from same center at a lower price, please contact us. Rule does not apply to situations where the User has made a reservation on the website, which did not present exactly the same center and services, reservation services held in connection with the price of membership, loyalty program center, program or other special promotions for regular customers offered by the resort.
5. Execution of the service
5.1. The User performs the Offer at the resort, on time, and under the terms of the Offer and the price of the booking
5.2. If User do not execute the Offer in a given period of time, and do not resign from it in accordance with „The Regulations” or has not provided appropriate medical documentation, asked by the Partner, User will not be entitled to be returned 5 percent of reservation fee.
5.3. A User who has benefited from the Offer is entitled to issue an opinion about the Partner and the Offer, in the form of commentary. The subject of user reviews can be: the quality of services provided by the center, staff capacity, value for money. Negative feedback without giving any reason will be removed.
5.4. The Website is not liable to User for failure by Partner of its obligations in implementing the Offer
5.5. Wellbeing of patient is for "CosMedic Travel" and its Partners, most important, because even after booking the treatment and classification of patient for the procedure, the center has the right to refuse to comply, if it considers that it threatens the life or health of the patient.
5.6. Although prior consultation with the center, presenting the relevant medical records and patient qualification for the procedure it may happen that the center in order to implement ordered service will offer another first, if required, by the state of the patient. For example, if it proves impossible to implant a dental implant, the clinic will first offer action to make this possible.
5.7. The official language of communication at the line Partner – User, User – The Website is always in English, unless noted otherwise. Please direct questions about the facilities and procedures in English
6. Operation of service
6.1. At any time CosMedicTravel reserves the right to increase or decrease the functionality of the Website. Service makes every effort to ensure the full technical functionality.
6.2. CosMedicTravel and Partners retain all rights to the Website, as well as published content, information, photos, videos and databases. Change, reproduce, publish, transfer to a third party or other use of protected property without the prior consent of CosMedicTravel or Partner is prohibited.
7. Privacy Policy
7.1. The User provides the information to the Website freely. User has the right to inspect their data and to correct them, and to demand their removal.
7.2. User consents to the collection, processing and use of personal data in accordance with polish Law on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997, as amended, to the extent necessary to operate the Website.
7.3. User consents to receive commercial offers and newsletters from the Website.
7.4. When booking, the Website asks Users to enter their personal data: name, address (home or work), e-mail address (private or business), phone number (mobile, home or office).
7.5. When charging reservation fee "CosMedic Travel" does not store data from your credit card. Payments shall be made via external systems PayPal and Moneybookers. To learn about the protection of credit card data in these systems, please read the rules on their websites: and Credit data needed to complete the reservation process is a type and card number, CVC code, expiration date, name and surname of the holder.
7.6. All of the above information is necessary for the initiation, conduct and complete the booking process.
7.7. "CosMedic Travel" only reveals to Partners name and contact details of users.
7. 8. Disclose personal data only in cases specified by law (court orders, police investigation, a subpoena).
7.9. Making a reservation at "CosMedic Travel" means the agreement to receive an email with an invitation to express an opinion on the Offer and Partner’s facility in which User has performed the Offer. By completing the questionnaire User consenting to the fact that comment will be posted the Website, in the section with Partner’s facility, in order to inform the (future) customers of the the level of services and quality of the resort, provided by Partner. "CosMedic Travel" reserves the right to edit, refuse or remove content reviews. Request for an opinion about the center is not a commercial offer.
7.10. In order to adapt the content and services to individual needs and interests of  Users, we use the so-called cookies, information stored by the server on your computer that can read the server each time you connect to your computer. You can always disable the option in your browser accept cookies
7.11. The Website collects information regarding service usage by Users and their IP addresses based on access log analysis. This information is used for technical purposes, related to the administration of the Website servers, as well as for statistical purposes
7.12. User always has access to personal data stored in the Website system. If your personal data is incorrect, at your request, they will be corrected. Request for verification of data you can send on: In the title of an e-mail please write "Request for verification of personal data". You can also ask the Website to have your personal information deleted from its database by sending an email with the appropriate request to the address above.
7.13. When "CosMedic Travel" sends e-mails to User? After booking User will receive a confirmation containing reservation details and contact to Partner providing the Offer. Two weeks before booking date service will receive an e-mail with a reminder about the date of booking. After using the services of partner we will send you a questionnaire with a request for an opinion about the procedure and the resort. Results of survey may appear on the Website solely for the purpose of informing (future) customers of the services (their level) and quality of the Partner’s resort. The Website, will also send to his Users, newsletter.
7.14. Company GDZ Grazyna Dutkiewicz, owner of "CosMedic Travel" is the entity responsible for the processing of personal data and acts in accordance with Polish law. If you have questions or comments about our privacy policy please send them via e-mail:
7.15. Throughout, "CosMedic Travel" is authorized to change the way in which collected, communicate and process your personal data and any information it deems necessary for the operation of the Website, so the above rules on personal data protection may be amended and adapted to latest changes.
8. Complaints
8.1. Each User has the right to lodge a complaint in matters relating to the functioning of the Website, as defined in the Regulations.
8.2. Complaints arising from the malfunction of the Service must be submitted in person or by postal mail to: GDZ, Grazyna Dutkiewicz, ul. Sienkiewicz, 27, 30-033.
8.3. CosMedicTravel will endeavor to resolve the complaint within 30 days from the date of its receipt. If these concerns will require additional data, CosMedic Travel will ask the complaining party to complete the necessary information, which may affect the time and date of diagnosis of the complaint.
9. Prohibited practices
9.1. User may not use false data
9.2. User may not in any way copy and use the content contained on The Website
9.3. Violation of the Regulations authorizes The Website to remove User’s account immediately and refuse to re-register on The Website for a period of 12 calendar months.
10. Final Provisions
10.1. The Website reserves that „Terms of Use of CosMedic Travel” may change. In the case of amendments to the Regulations after booking by User, and before executing the Offer, the Regulations from the date of booking shall be binding on the reservation.
10.2. If User does not familiarize with the Regulations or do not accept them or any of its parts, it  causes the impossibility of using the Website. The Website undertakes to inform Users about changes to the content of the Regulations.
10.3. The language of communication with Partners, is English, unless otherwise specified
10.4. The law applicable to the contract between User and CosMedic Travel, which deals with the services provided by the Website under the conditions specified in the Regulations, is the Polish law.
10.5. Any disputed claims related to services provided by the company GDZ Grazyna Dutkiewicz within „CosMedic Travel” shall be resolved by the Polish common courts.