Medical Tourism in Poland

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Medicine in Poland

According to data provided by polish edition of Newsweek in 2010, there are over 500 facilities in Poland that provide high quality aesthetic treatments. Aesthetic medicine market has begun to grow in Poland, from the beginning of 90. Since 2000 we could see its huge outburst. There are also over 20 thousand dental facilities in Poland.  Poland is also 7. on the list of European countries with the biggest number of health resorts.  Both in medical and aesthetic facilities work perfectly qualified doctors and specialists, who fulfill their duties with extreme care and first-class quality. Thanks to that Poland, is one of the most often visited countries in Europe, regarding medical reason of the trip. There is no surprise here, polish doctors have been known all over the world, since XVI century! Constantly, they have been making medical achievements that helped in development of worldwide medicine.  Let's remind of the name of prof. Zbigniew Religa, from Zabrze, who was the first heart surgeon, who conducted heart transplant in Poland or prof. Tadeusz Krwawicz, who has made a name for himself in nowadays ophthalmology.
Every year, young people, graduate from polish medical universities. These are people who come to study in Poland from all over the world. Polish medical universities are said to prepare future doctors to their job with extreme care and commitment. That's why people from around the world come here to study medicine. In the 2008/2009 there 4,800 foreign students in polish medical schools. Polish doctors are highly appreciated abroad. Every year they are being recruited to work in Scandinavia and Great Britain. In 2010, on 116 thousand doctors, there were 8 thousand who were permitted to work abroad.