Medical Tourism in Poland

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Medical Tourism

The cost of plastic surgery treatments in Poland, is said to be, twice or even four times lower, than in „old” EU countries! For instance, the cost of breast enlargement in Poland begins from 2 thousand Euros, meanwhile in Belgium, the same procedure, costs twice as much. The average cost of dental implant in Poland is about 1 thousand Euros meanwhile in England is about 2 thousand Euros. Nose job cost starts from750 Euros meanwhile in Belgium is more than twice more. The price difference is huge, although equally qualified doctors conduct procedures!
Medical tourism is one of the most successfully developing parts of, not only European, but world wide economy. In 2004, medical tourism market was worth 40 billion dollars. According to Brail Research LLC, the value of this market in 2012 will increase to 100 billion dollars! USA citizens travel to South America to get medical or aesthetic treatment, meanwhile citizens from Western European countries travel to Poland, Czech's Republic, Cyprus or Turkey to get procedures done. Why people travel to get medical care? The answer is simple. People are looking for high quality medical treatment for reasonable price, because the costs of medical procedures in their countries have increased lately, a lot. Also, they travel because they are in a rush, and the queue to get the treatment done in their country is just too big.
Medical tourism is getting more and more popular in Poland. The predictions about medical tourism development in Poland are very optimistic. In 2010, three hundred thousand tourists visited Poland and benefited from medical treatments. They were mostly from GB, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Polish facilities are perfectly prepared to render high quality medical and aesthetic treatments, beginning with simple facials, ending with complicated dental treatments, plastic surgeries, numerous aesthetic medicine treatments.