Medical Tourism in Poland

innowacyjna gospodarka efrr

How does it works?

How does it work?

Lowest price, highest quality!

  • Prices of treatments in the best Polish clinics are 40-70% lower than in Western Europe.
  • The prices are at or below 5% -20% of prices that you would pay, coming to the resort without the help of the CosMedic Travel.  Agreements with partners of "CosMedic Travel" guarantees it
  • All centers presented on the website have the appropriate licenses and certifications, operate with the best equipment and offer the highest quality services.

Reservation in CosMedic Travel step by step:

  • Find a medical or cosmetic procedure that interests you. Same treatments are offered by many centers - choose the one that suits you best. 
  • Choose a convenient range of dates of your stay in Poland and see if the service is available at this time. 
  • If you have selected the date of service and make a reservation - click the "book now" button. At this time the advance payment is taken, which is 5 percent (sometimes, with more complicated procedures it's 10%, if it is we always inform about it) of the value of the offer. It ensures the right preparation for your treatment (booking cabinet, doctors time, etc.). Up to  2 weeks  you can cancel reservation and this fee will be fully refunded.
  •  When booking, you can describe in detail your expectations in a special box - this will ensure more accurate valuation
  •  After selecting and booking offers, "CosMedic Travel" will recommend hotels in a city that you chose your procedure in, at the best prices
  •  "CosMedic Travel" will suggest you flights corresponding to the term and place of treatment
  •  After booking, on e-mail address provided by you during registration, you will receive confirmation of the reservation. Then within 48 hours doctor or medical facility representative will contact you to arrange the procedure
  •  You do not know what treatment you need or can not find it on the website? Use the inquiry form on the homepage!
  •  Use "Trip planner" and see the lowest priced place of performance of services, flights and hotels
Advance fee:


  • It is treated as an advance payment. It is  5% of the price of treatment (sometimes with more complicated procedures it is 10%, if it is we always inform about it) and is deducted from the price of the final payment at the clinic. 
  • Ensures preparation of clinic for patient's prcedure
  • Is fully refunded, in case of cancellation, until 14 days after booking


  • For any reason, you may cancel the reservation of the treatment, during the mandatory time, which is up to 14 days after booking.
  • Each Clinic very carefully prepares facility to take in Client of „CosMedic Travel”. It provides the right conditions, the doctor and staff needed to perform reserved procedures. (That’s the reason 5% or 10% advance fee is charged)
  • Medical and cosmetic clinics, that "CosMedc Travel" is in partnership with, realize that every patient is different and each must be approached individually. Medical and cosmetic procedures often can't be measured in advance, so exact price for the procedure only after consultation by e-mail or telephone can't be given. Often the final price of the treatment the patient learns during persona consultation, already in clinic
  • Wellbeing of patient is the most important thing for  "CosMedic Travel" and its partner Clinics. That is why, even after booking the surgery, and classification patient for the procedure, Clinic has the right to refuse to fulfill the procedure, if it threatens the life or health of the patient.
  • It may happen that the Clinic in order to conduct booked treatment will offer another one first, if required by the state of the patient. For example, if it is impossible to implant a dental implant, the clinic will first offer action, which will enable placing dental implants
  • Most medical procedures require more or less detailed diagnostic and performance tests. Therefore we would like to sensitize Clients of „CosMedic Travel " to the fact that the Clinic will require documentation of conducted, necessary tests or provide them themselves in the Clinic, in order to make treatment possible to conduct
  • The official language of communication between patient and Clinic is always in English, unless noted differently.
  • All prices of treatments on the website are in Euros, but payment in the Clinic: credit card or cash, is made in the Polish Zloty (PLN, zł) exchange rate (as the polish law stands)