Medical Tourism in Poland

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European Capital of Culture 2016 – it's Wroclaw. The cultural potential of town has been appreaciated by EU representatives, who decided to honour Wroclaw with the title, along with responsibilities. There is no surprise here, Wroclaw is one of the oldest and most beautiful polish towns. Wroclaw is also main economical center in western part of Poland, where there is not far away to Czech's Republic and Germany. Even when travelling to Wroclaw on businness you shouldn't miss out on walk round Wroclaw old town. The main monuments of Wroclaw are cathedral of Jan Chrzciciel, tenament houses on market square, and baroque building of Wroclaw University. Similarly to other polish town Wroclaw, has newly built stadium, meant for Euro 2012. Wroclaw is the fourth biggest town in Poland, with 632 thousand people living in it. The international flights are held by Wroclaw Airport in Strachowice. Please use Wroclaw official website to find out more.