Medical Tourism in Poland

innowacyjna gospodarka efrr


Market Square, Planty, Kazimierz Town. Krakow is often called the second capital of Poland, and whatever you say about it is never enough. Krakow is the most often visited polish town.
Apart from old town, and historical and cultural heritage, that Krakow is famous of, tourists from all over world, are attracted by the Tatra Mountains or Salt Mine in Wieliczka. Krakow is second biggest town in Poland, situated on the south of Poland. It's one of the oldest academic centres in Europe. Along with other famous european towns, like Prague, Madrid, Oslo, Paris is the „must see” point on European map of tourism. Apart from typically touristic attractions, Krakow attracts businessmen and investors, who locate their business here. Krakow, as typical, european metropolis, is full of exclusive boutiques, SPAs, health centres. There is also the conference center that is being built. There is over a million people living in Krakow. It's area is 327 tys. km2. The domestic and international flights are secured by Krakow Airport in Balice.

You can find out more about Krakow by clicking into link to official Krakow website.