Medical Tourism in Poland

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Gdansk is one of the most popular harbour towns in Poland, in which you can sit on the beach as well as do some sightseeing. Gdansk is the biggest of three towns (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot), which shape into one of the polish biggest metropolis. Doing some sightseeing in Gdansk, you cannot forget about walk on Mariacka street, and the old town. Neptun fountain, lovely old tenement houses, and tight roads in between, Town Hall. There is so much to see in Gdansk! During summer, one of the biggest trade fairs – Jarmark Dominikański, takes place. For people, who want something more unconventional we recommend canoe sightseeing. During summer, you can borrow canoe and see the town from the Motława river. If you are staying in Gdansk a bit longer don't miss out on outside town trips. We recommend Malbork. Also, newly built PGE Arena, is something Gdansk can be proud of. There are 450 hundred thousand people that live in Gdansk. The area of Gdansk is 262 000 km2. Domestic and international communiaction is held by Gdansk Airport, named after Lech Walesa, Noble prize winner. To find out more about Gdansk, please use its official website.