Medical Tourism in Poland

innowacyjna gospodarka efrr


You don’t have to go to Italy to see Venice, you can just come to visit Bydgoszcz in Poland, one of the most beautiful polish towns situated on the north – west of Poland. Bydgoszcz is cultural, academic, medical and sports hot post of Poland. The Venice of Bydgoszcz, old town, Wyspa Mlynska, the oldest and up and runnig water road – Bydgoski Canal, with the system of water gates – these are all „must see” in Bydgoszcz. If you don’t like to exhaust yourself, you can always do some sighteesing from the water prospective via water tram. For those who love classical music Bydgoszcz i also right place to be because of its philharmonia and opera. Thanks to highly recommneded cancer facility, Bydgoszcz i also appreaciated for medical reasons.
Huge park is for those who are tired of town built – up area. There are three hundred sixty thousand people living in Bydgoszcz. International flight communication is provided by Ignacy Jan Paderewski Bydgoszcz Airport. To find out more about Bydgoszcz please click here.