Medical Tourism in Poland

innowacyjna gospodarka efrr

About Website

CosMedic Travel is a professional booking service, where you can book your medical appointment, along with suitable flight and great accommodation, in one of the biggest and most beautiful towns of Poland. CosMedic Travel presents you with numerous offers, of medical procedures, plastic surgeries, beauty treatments, dental care and so on. To give you best quality offers, CosMedic Travel only cooperates with clinics that can confirm high quality of conducted procedures. CosMedic Travel gives you the best choice of procedures that you want to treat yourself with, during your trip to Poland. You can choose convenient treatment, date, clinic and then combine it with accommodation and flight.

"CosMedic Travel" is co-funded by the European Union, under the Innovative Economy National Cohesion Strategy. The project, as one of 13, of total 186 applying, received a grant. Benefiting from EU funding, not only guarantees the project afloat, but full transparency and the highest standard of clinics and treatments presented on the site. CosMedic Travel only chooses to cooperate with clinics that meet the high European quality standards, for example, hold a certificate ISO 9001:2000.

Site developers have years of experience in the implementation of online projects. This is the sixth EU project and fourth web portal implemented by them. All previous exceeded the expected results. People involved in the project have extensive experience in Internet marketing, tourism (including tourist industry portal, training for industry) and the media. Also, members of technical functioning and security service, a team of programmers and medical consultants making sure that website is run properly.