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Dr Grażyna Nasińska - Jurek

Grażyna Eugenia Nasińska – Jurek
Date of birth: 26 march 1962
Nationality : polish
Gender : female
01.04.2004 board examination, plastic surgery
28.04.1995 board examination , pediatric surgery (II grade)
10.10.1990 board examination , pediatric surgery (I grade)
1980-1986 Medical Academy  of Mikolaj Kopernik  of Cracow Poland
2009-2012 Private Clinic ARTPLASTICA -Szczecin
2007-2009 Private Clinic SFERA - Warszawa
2005-2011 Specialist registrar in plastic surgery - oculoplasic surgeon , Central Clinical Hospital of Administration and Security Ministry, Ophtalmic Department Warsaw, Poland
2001-2004 : Senior registrar ,Plastic Surgery Clinic, Center Postgraduate Medical Teaching, Warsaw, Poland
1998-2000 Consultant, Department of Pediatric Surgery, Regional Hospital, Siedlce, Poland
1993-1998 Specialist registrar in Department of Pediatric Surgery, Registrar in Surgery Department of General Surgery, Regional  Hospital, Tarnów Poland
1986-1993 Registrar in pediatric surgery, senior house officer in pediatric  surgery, House Officer, Department of Pediatric Surgery, Regional  Healthcare Center for Mother and Child ,Kielce, Poland.
TRAINING 1993-1994 one year fellowship, Department of Pediatric Surgery Polish American Children’s Hospital, Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian Univerity, Cracow, Poland.
Selected international courses in  plastic surgery :
2012 - VII International Congress Techniques,Tastes  and Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery. A Global  Perspective. Rome.Italy
2012 - Breast Augmentation with Anatomical Implant Intensive course with live surgery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2011 - International Aesthetic Symposium Beauty through Science, Stockholm
2011 - 9th International Course Advances in Plastic and Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery : The non -invasive global face lift pack. Barcelona
2010 - Nose & surroundings 2010 -8th video-course on nose and face surgery. The ITALIAN WAY TO FACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY Rome
2010 - Second Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course 
2008 - Aesthetic surgery of breast. Safe surgical approach non invasive surgical treatments. Third European symposium. Milano
2008 - Q-MED, INTERNATIONAL MACROLANE VRF MASTER CLASS   A Clinical workshop in theory and practical application of Macrolane VRF. Londyn
2007 - ALLERGAN ACADEMY PHASE 2, Breast augmentation Surgery, Akademikliniken Stockholm
2007 - 4th Biennial International “Milano Masterclass” attended the  Course  Segment  „Rhinoplasty & Pearls of Facial plastic surgery”
2005 - 3rd Biennial International Instructional “Milano Masterclass” attended the Course Segment “Rhinoplasty”
From 2005 Affiliate member of the European Academy of Facial plastic Surgery
Attendance in the courses sponsored by Project HOPE and United States Agency for International Development , Cracow, Poland : 1988- “ Plastic Surgery for the Pediatric Surgeon”,  1989 - “Burns
Every year I performe more than 300 operations . I have special  experience in modern plastic surgery of the nose, eyelids and breasts.