Medical Tourism in Poland

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Aneta Niemiec

Cosmetologist, product manager Beauty Derm. Graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Medical Sciences cosmetology course, Bachelor Degree completed at the School of Professional Care Health and Beauty in Poznan. Postgraduate studies - Poznan University of Economics Faculty of Commodity earned the title of product manager. His extensive experience in the profession of cosmetologist as well as extensive knowledge of treatments using lasers and other modern facilities acquired while working in the Institutes of aesthetic medicine and doctors working with many of specialization. Is certified by many companies dermo-cosmetic right to exercise special treatment. The greatest satisfaction to bring high-proof treatments using acids, giving spectacular results. Extensive knowledge of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine uses the individual choice of treatments during the consultation cosmetologic.
Her passions outside of salons are: oil painting, photography and team sports - volleyball.