Medical Tourism in Poland

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Catalogue of clinics

  • Dental and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Gdynia

    Dental and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Gdynia


    Dental and aesthetic medicine clinic. Sielska Clinic is a modern dental  and aesthetic medicine clinic made ​​from genuine passion for medicine that heal and restores beauty. Our dream was to create a place where we would like to be treated ourselves.  We know that no visit to the…

  • Linea Plastic Surgery

    Linea Plastic Surgery


    Linea Corporis practices established through a combination of three experienced physicians, a new philosophy and persistent pursuit of a common dream. We see beauty as an asset in the pursuit of the fullness of life, as a form of freedom. Our work is important to us because we have the ambition to be…

  • European Institute of Aesthetic Dermatology Warsaw

    European Institute of Aesthetic Dermatology Warsaw


    European Institute of Aesthetic Dermatology. Offers patients a wide range of services in the field of dermatology, aesthetic medicine, laser therapy and cosmetology at the highest level. Institute team are experienced dermatologists who work using their  highest quality  skills to ensure the…

  • Aesthetic Medicine Gdansk Przymorze

    Aesthetic Medicine Gdansk Przymorze

    Gdańsk, Przymorze

    Care and maintenance of beauty were present in the culture since the dawn of history. Tests carried out by CBOS showed that by 75% of Poles appearance has en impact on success in personal and professional life. The study showed that care about the appearance of being affected by the improvement. 90%…

  • Aesthetic Medicine Center Poznan

    Aesthetic Medicine Center Poznan

    Luboń/k Poznania

    Aesthetic Medicine Center is a place that combines three activities, aesthetic medicine, cosmetic and dentistry. Our center was established in a modern building so that, it meets all standards of comfort and intimacy needed to provide customers with quality services. Our staff is a team of young and…

  • Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Katowice

    Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Katowice


    It's very exclusive place for people who want to take care of their face and body. This place was created for everyone who want effective solutions, appreciate the professionalism, luxury and discretion. Nobody is perfect ... but the beauty lies in all of us, you must only bring i tht out, the right…

  • Dental Center Gdansk

    Dental Center Gdansk


    We take care of your teeth and face, to help you see how beautiful and healthy smile can be your.  Effectively take care of your teeth and face, to help you see how beautiful and healthy smile can be your. For years, refine their knowledge. We work with passion and in an efficient manner,…

  • Consensus med Beauty Institute of dr Jasiewicz Krakow

    Consensus med Beauty Institute of dr Jasiewicz  Krakow


    Private healthcare facility, called Consensus med Beauty Institute of dr Jasiewicz (aesthetic medicine and laser treatment), and is registered in the Department of Health Regional Office in Krakow. Since 2002, it belongs to the Velvet Medicine - a nationwide network of medical practices and NZOZ…

  • Dental Clinic Krakow

    Dental Clinic Krakow


    Dental Clinic for aesthetic dentistry in Krakow was designed to provide maximum comfort and satisfaction of patients. By combining the experience and skills of our staff, along with modern materials and techniques we can ensure a stress-free dental treatment to patients at the highest level. In December…

  • Ophtalmology Clinic Krakow

    Ophtalmology Clinic Krakow


    In Poland, there are several resorts that offer laser vision correction. They function in a variety of medical conditions, technical and financial resources. Prices of treatments ranging from 5 000 - 8 000 PLN (price per pair of eyes). These differences are largely due to the way to carry out treatment,…