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Dental implant - Special Offer

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Vita Dental Center, Krakow

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Our clinic Vita Dental Center has a special offer on dental implants in this month!

Dental implant
is an artificial root replacement usually made of titanium that will restore a missing teeth that have been lost due to an injury, periodontal disease or decay. Dental implants become more and more popular because they are usually more comfortable than crowns or denture.

Implants can replace a single missing tooth or more. Firstly, dental implants appear to be more expensive than usual solutions of replacing missing teeth such as bridges but certainly dental implants last for a longer period of time which after a longer period of time will pay off. What is more important dental implants can function as our own teeth. Titanium of which are implants are made, are accepted by the human body as its own tissue.

Dental implants can bring you many benefits:
- can replace one or more of your teeth
- can be support to a bridge – no partial denture needed then
- can make it more pleasant to have a denture
- can strengthen your jawbone

The treatment of placing a single dental implant can usually last about 30-40 minutes. The dental implant treatment looks the same as in case of placing two or more implants. After a dental treatment you will be able to eat after two hours (food with smooth consistency) and be able to come back to work immediately. 

You have to bear in mind that not everyone can have dental implants. Condition of your bone and health of your oral must be checked by an experienced dental implant dentist before.


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