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Liposuction (Chin)

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Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Center Warsaw, Otwock

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Liposuction is performed with one of methods avaliable in center. Decision about method is made by doctor and patient together. In case of choice of Dual Liposuction method you need to add aditional 119 Euros to the price for laser treatment necessary for the procedure.
Liposuction is a procedure which allows for removing surface or undesirable excess of fat tissue in an effective and irreversible way. The procedure does not serve the purpose of putting down weight but build modelling that is elimination of fat deposits. Those deposits typically occur in regions like stomach, internal waist and external part of thighs (so-called breeches), internal part of knees, chin and fat gynecomastia among men.
PAL – that is vibration liposuction requires a device that causes the motion of cannula front-back, which facilitates release of fat cells from the neighbouring tissues allowing for their better suction.
VASER Lipo® is an ultrasound liposuction, which enables effective removal of undesired fat from body regions such as:
Everyone has areas on his/her body which are more susceptible to fat collection, even at using rigorous diet and exercises. Thanks to VASER Lipo® you can have body you were always dreaming of at short time of convalescence. Another generation of build modelling, VASER Lipo or LipoSelection®, uses ultrasound energy for precise separation of fat tissue from the surrounding tissues.
Ultrasound energy is used for years in a wide spectrum of medicinal applications. At present, gentle ultrasound energy is used in fat tissue removal. VASER Lipo®, or LipoSelection®, uses ultrasound technology in order to select the tissue. Ultrasound energy is directed to undesired fat tissue and it does not affect surrounding tissues – such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue – precipitating build modelling and return to normal activity. The greatest effectiveness and the shortest time of convalescence are things you might expect of VASER Lipo®.
What can I expect during VASER Lipo® procedure?
1. Infiltration anaesthesia is injected in fat tissue.
2. Vibrations of high frequency generated by VASER test tube cause separation of fat tissue and processing it in emulsion in connection with infiltrative fluids.
3. Fat in a form of emulsion might be easily removed with the use of specially designed VentX cannula or massage.
4. During the process of healing, your skin shall become smooth and you shall gain the effect of natural skin.
For patients with considerable amount of fat tissue and excessive floppiness of skin. Best effects are gained by the combination of water or rotational method and laser action. Thanks to WAL or NIL we remove fat tissue exclusively and laser causes skin tension functioning in surface layer.
N.I.L.® EVAsp® is an innovative INFRASOUND technique. This technique differs from previous methods of lipoplastics in a way that it uses cannulas activated by compressed air thanks to which 3-D NUTATION MOVEMENT is achieved. This movement comprises vibration, rotation and rectilinear reciprocating motion  and it guarantees more effective fat removal than other techniques without damage to other non-fat tissues. It allows for precise body shaping and less traumatism understood as reduction of swelling, bruises and discomfort for patient. Fat suction takes place in combination with its emulgation which allows to shorten operation time. INFRASOUND vibration makes it difficult to conduct pain stimuli as it stimulates nerves which do not transfer pain signals (nonnociceptive fibers) and causes natural endorphins secretion. This asset allows a doctor for performing liposuction under local or IV sedation and decreases pain felt by a patient, in particular, during the use of tumescent anaesthesia.
Body - Jet
Water jet assisted liposuction (WAL)
Body-Jet ® guarantees the highest safety, comfort and efficiency for the patient. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, hospitalization is not required. During the liposuction with cannula, special solution is injected which releases the fat cells of the connective tissue while sparing the more fibrous structures (nerves and blood).
This substance also desensitizes operated area and narrows blood vessels to minimize bleeding, and after a while the same cannula is sucked from the unwanted fat cells. As a result of local contraction of blood vessels due to adrenaline, fat removed usually contains 1-3% of the blood. During classical liposuction surgery performed under general anesthesia, this amount can reach up to 40% in a given sample. This may trigger the need for blood transfusion during surgery. Improved hemostasis not only reduces blood loss, but also results in reduced blood floods.
Body Treatments device-Jet ® 400  already performs in clinics throughout the world, and their efficacy and safety have been certified by the FDA in 2008 issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Key benefits of liposuction performed device WAL Body-Jet ®:
Much smaller amount of anesthetic used and shorter lifetime exposure to its effects. Thanks to that riskiness of operations is minimized. Less damaged tissue, the risk of hematoma reduced to a minimum.
Effectiveness: Because of the operated area there is no swelling of the physician performing the procedure exactly see the final result. This ensures accurate modeling of the body and no need for the next session of the corrective
Ability to remove large amounts of unwanted fat. Comfort: Lack of physical and emotional discomfort. Shorter surgery and recovery
Smart Lipo
SmartLipo or laser lipolysis is an innovative and safe method created, in particular, for the purpose of fat tissue excess removal through selective activity of laser radiation on fat cells.   SmartLipo provides sensational effects in build modelling. It allows to get rid of undesired centimetres which cannot be removed with the use of diet or physical exercises. The procedure is a hardly invading and safe method of body adornment. SmartLipo improves skin firmness, helps fight cellulite – persistent cosmetic defect faced even by young and slim women. Laser energy improves in a visible way the condition of flabby and uneven skin making it more firm and smooth.
A great asset of SmartLipo is its inconsiderable invasion. It is thus an excellent solution for people who are afraid of a serious surgical intervention. SmartLipo does not require general anaesthesia or hospitalisation and moreover, it enables return to work and normal lifestyle after 2 days.  SmartLipo procedure might be performed with the use of SmartLipo Deka device or BTL Lipofocus in connection with vibration liposuction.
It allows to get rid of fat that is specifically resistant to diets and exercises from such parts as:
face, neck – a possibility of face shape modelling, elimination of the second chin, etc.
breasts (gynecomastia removal among men)
waist, hips

Intravenous anesthesia (sedation + analgesia) (included)
Free costume after procedure

Important! Procedure usually takes 2-3 hours. Total time of procedure depends on areas being treated. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia (sedation + analgesia). About an hour after procedure patient is OK to leave the clinic. After three days after procedure patient is ok to travel back home. 


Advance fee: 10%


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