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Two piece implant with porcelain crown

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Stomatological Center Wołomin, Wołomin

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Two piece implant with porcelain crown.
Price includes:
- consultation
- two-piece implant implantation
- assumption of healing screw
- porcelain crown on two-piece implant

Two-way two-phase implants - are built with screw, implanted inside bone and external components. First titanium implant is implemented. It is sown and left, for a few months to integrate with the bone. In the second stage (usually 3-6 months) after healing, the implant is exposed, the healing screw is tightened. After about 10 days around the healing screw, the correct shape of gums for future prosthetic crown is formed. After forming, healing screw is unscrewed, and the connector is screwed onto titanium implant. At this point, ​​final prosthetic crown or bridge, is made and put onto implant. It should be mentioned, however, both the implants:  one piece and two-piece have their uses. While the two-piece implant is an implant statistically safe and very predictable one-piece implants in some cases may allow for a quicker recovery of the missing tooth. 


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