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Sinus lift implant placement

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Stomatological Center Wołomin, Wołomin

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Sinus lift implant placement. Sinus lift procedure applies to the most lateral sections of jaws, mainly because in those places of the bay "descend" the lowest. In such cases, the implant could cause damage to the sinus membranes, because the implanted implant would be longer than the height of the alveolar process. Carrying out the procedure lies in the fact that the ossific material is placed between the bottom of the bay and the edge of the alveolar bone.
two methods are used: open and closed. 

Open method. In this method it is possible to increase the open bottom of the bay from 5mm to 8 mm, and the healing period is a minimum of 6 months. The treatment consists of incision of the gums in the lateral part of the maxilla from the vestibule of the mouth (after local anesthesia). A doctor reveals the bone, and then using a special drill bit removes it to the point where the mucous membrane will be the bay. The next step is to raise the sinus membrane and placing between it and the bone material using dedicated tools. The treatment ends with supporting the establishment of the membrane and suturing wounds. The big advantage of this method is visual inspection of the doctor over the course of treatment. It is also possible to carry out simultaneous implantation.

Closed method. Can raise sinus by up to 4 mm. In the general notion of closed method proceeds in a manner very similar to the implantation of the implant surgery. Before starting treatment your doctor determines how many mm should raise the bay, to be able to safely enter the implant. After anesthesia, the top of the alveolar bone and a hole is drilled using a drill implant. It is like preparing the implant bed. The difference is that the bed is at a later stage broader and deeper - that way you have access to the sinus. Then the doctor inserts through a hole made graft material supplemented with bone chips - bottom of the bay is raised. The next step is placing the implant. The main advantage of this method is less interference and trauma for patient. However, this method is much more difficult to achieve in comparison with open-method, because the risk of damaging the sinus in this case is much bigger - the doctor does not have the possibility of visual inspection of the entire process.


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