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One piece dental implant with zirconium crown

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Stomatological Center Wołomin, Wołomin

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One piece dental implant with zirconium crown.
Prices includes:
- implant consultation
- one-piece implant implantation + temporary crown
- zirconium crown.

One-piece implants, as the name suggests, are one element in one part (connector and part that is put within bone are made whole and are one element). The outside part of the implant is visible in the mouth and serves to attach to it prosthetic components, such as crowns, bridges or removable dentures. With these implants, treatment is more simplified, requiring only one surgical procedure, because there is no need to expose the implant after healing in the bone. Immediately after the screwing of the implant dentist - implantologist may proceed to restoration (if everything is fine with the patient). The time of treatment is greatly reduced so as the healing process. 

What are the advantages of one piece implants:

  • Low invasiveness - compared to two-piece implants, damage zone during the implantation procedure is much less. This results in minimizing pain and recovery time of tissue after surgery.
  • One-piece implant allows you to embed the temporary crown on the implant while after its implantation. Just an hour after procedure patient can enjoy a new tooth.
  • Price surgery - an innovative solution that would apply in the case of one-piece implants allow to significantly reduce the cost of surgery.
  • One-piece implants do not have in their structure any crevices, which could accumulate microbes that cause infection and odour. In the two-piece implants case, there is a gap (between the part implanted into the bone and the crown pillar), where they often gather bacteria.
One-piece implants are simple and the inclined spinous processes are inclined at the same angle of the projecting part of the bone. After healing and integration of the bone, angle connector correction is no longer possible. This may in some cases pose a problem in placing the crown in the dental arch and also be the problem of aesthetic nature. Nonetheless, both types of implants (one and two piece) have their use. Two-piece implant is an implant statistically safer and more predictable than one-piece. But those one-piece implants in some cases may prove to be a little cheaper, and sometimes allow for a quicker recovery.


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