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Liposuction of chin and neck

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Plastic Surgery Clinic Warsaw, Warszawa

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The period of time spent on Liposuction Treatment is influenced by:
- the amount of fat tissue which has to be removed
- technique which will be chosen during the treatment
- the size of the area which will be treated during the treatment

The whole treatment usually lasts from one to two hours. Liposuction procedure requires a local or general anesthesia. Liposuction is a surgical treatment which aims at improvement of body shape via the removal of unwanted fat tissues from certain parts of the body. A perfect candidate for a liposuction treatment should be a healthy person with an excessive amount of fat in certain areas of body which can not be easily eliminated with the usage of regular exercises and a proper diet.

Liposuction can effectively improve the shape of your body and as well as many other aesthetic treatments it will certainly improve patient’s self-confidence. Liposuction treatment will not replace regular exercise or healthy diet. But healthy food and systematic physical exercises will help the results of liposuction treatment last for a long period of time.

The price includes the procedure, anaesthesia, materials and one night stay after surgery performed under general anaesthetic.


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