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GPS III Scalp Mesotherapy

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Plastic Surgery Clinic Warsaw, Warszawa

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Did you notice the deterioration of the condition of the hair or excessive falls? If so, platelet rich plasma treatment GPS III is for you!
Head mesotherapy treatment of the scalp, is intended for people who are facing the problem of excessive hair loss. There are many reasons  why the problem appears:
• congenital,
• prolonged exposure to short-term factors harmful for the hair, including certain medications and chronic diseases, stress, febrile illness, surgery under general anesthesia,
• diseases of the scalp and hair,
• hormonal changes
Indications for scalp mesotherapy are as follows:
• hair loss as a result of poor diet, poor circulation, hormonal changes during pregnancy, lactation,
• alopecia areata,
• poor nutrition and requiring strong hair
Mesotherapy involves injecting the scalp with platelet-rich concentrate of patient’s own blood.

How does it work?
Growth factors contained in platelets activate and stimulate dormant hair follicles to produce hair.
How often should you do it?
The first treatment, the second after 3 months, then once a year.

What results can I expect?
- Stop of hair loss,
- The gradual thickening hair
- The growing hair in places already devoid of hair.

The whole procedure is carried out using the GPS III System Recover and takes about 60 minutes. The doctor takes the blood is the nit is centrifuged in a special centrifuge separator. The result is a concentrated rich plasma (takes up to 9-fold concentration of platelets). Mesotherapy procedure is performed using a very fine needle.
After intradermal administration of platelet rich plasma in the scalp following regenerative and restructuring processes. Different factors affect the growth stimulating scalp, hair follicles so that they are better nourished and produce healthier, stronger hair

This treatment is especially recommended for women.


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