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BEAULI - Own fat transplant into breast or buttocks

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Plastic Surgery Clinic Warsaw, Warszawa

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PTransfer of own fatty tissue. An alternative to artificial materials, fat grafting involves transfer of own fatty tissue to increase the volume of the face. Fatty tissue is collected with a small cannula from inner and outer leg or from the abdomen. It is then washed with saline and injected in the requested areas of the face in order to lift them and increase their volume. There are different opinions as to how long the fat graft is going to last, but you will probably need to repeat the procedure within a few months. Own fat grafting is a very effective procedure and should be perceived as complementary to other rejuvenating treatments rather than the cure for all problems connected with signs of facial aging. The best results are often achieved when own fat grafting is combined with other minor plastic surgery procedures.

The price consists of liposuction of selected area and injection of fat.

The price includes the procedure, anaesthesia, materials and one night stay after surgery performed under general anaesthetic.


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