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SLT Glaucoma Laser Treatment

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Ophtalmology Clinic Krakow, Kraków

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To begin with, let's characterize the disease. The most important symptom in all forms of glaucoma is loss of vision. Initially, it is slight and is located at the periphery, often go unnoticed by the patient. Sometimes the loss is revealed by accident, when he suddenly sees something that should already be visible for the eye. Single, small cavities slowly become larger and coalesce with each other, significantly narrowing the field of view. We begin to see only the image center, as in looking through a telescope. Ultimately, the loss also includes a field of vision, visual acuity . In glaucoma, open angle glaucoma symptoms often appear in the form of pressure or tightness around the eyes. Very high eye pressure usually is accompanied by eye pain and headache, sometimes the very strong, leading to nausea. Vision may be blurred, ill person sees the borders around the sources of light before the attack of glaucoma. Glaucoma is causing the contraction of the eyelids, photophobia, and lacrimation, and the eye itself is red and hard as stone.

The solution to this unpleasant disease is Selective Laser-Trabekulopla contact (SLT) - one of the newest, most effective methods to treat glaucoma with both open and closed-angle glaucoma. Selective laser treatment (SLT) is based on the impact of selective laser trabeculum cell wall containing melanin. In the case of SLT, the pulse duration is very short (3 ns) at high energy discharge. The method does not give virtually no complications - does not cause or inflammation, or bleeding. According to global research treatment is safe, noninvasive and effective, in many cases, the SLT can even substitute medication. A very important argument to YES, is also advising on the SLT patients with very advanced neuropathy, where the surgery can be dangerous.


Lenght of treatment: Couple minutes per one eye. After quick rest patient is ok to go home. 

3 control visits are included in price but control can be performed in patient’s home country. 

Anesthesia; Not necessary. Procedure doesn’t cause pain.

SLT treatment price is per one eye.


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