Medical Tourism in Poland

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Ophtalmology Clinic Krakow


In Poland, there are several resorts that offer laser vision correction. They function in a variety of medical conditions, technical and financial resources. Prices of treatments ranging from 5 000 - 8 000 PLN (price per pair of eyes). These differences are largely due to the way to carry out treatment, resulting in a more or less comfortable for the patient. What makes us special?

Phtalmology Clinic (oftalmika - the science of construction and operations of the eyes, its faults and treatment of diseases, etc.) leads both types of treatments (LASEK and LASIK), laser correction of vision defects. We are in the early 2011 only company in Poland offering treatment using the so-called. WaveLight Refractive Suite Femtosecond laser is combined with the fastest excimer laser in the world. We have the best integrated security system for the eye - Eye Tracker 6D, that guarantees full security of operation. Why do you guarantee safety?

We work with the best specialists  from Poland and abroad. Treatments take place in a modern, specially adapted operating room. Operators are medical doctors with many years of surgical experience certified by recognizing their preparation and experience in laser treatments. Submitting to surgery you choose comfort and safety.
Clinic has two locations. One is diagnostics centre: Centrum Diagnostyczne, ul. Fieldorfa Nila 10/3U, 31 - 209 Kraków. The other one is brand new treatment center: 
Centrum Zabiegowe, ul. Balicka 255, 30 - 198 Kraków


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