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Tummy tuck in Ophtalmology and Plastic Surgery Private Hospital

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Ophtalmology and Plastic Surgery Private Hospital, Chorzow

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Abdominoplasty is usually performed because of excess abdominal skin and stretch marks due to pregnancy or significant weight loss. Surgery will reduce body fat and strengthen abdominal simple muscles simple. The procedure requires general anesthesia. It takes 3 to 4 hours.
Before the surgery
On qualify for treatment, the patient must have a medical consultation carried out by the doctor who will perform the procedure and the anesthetist who will be making anesthesia. In addition, the patient must have made ​​the following tests:
blood test ultrasound (if any scars at odssysania also to exclude hernia). Your anesthetist may recommend additional tests.
Description of operation
The removal of excess abdominal skin stretched with any stretch marks or scars of a possible offset navel. Vertical cut in the lower abdomen and around the navel.
After surgery, most of our patients are satisfied with:
Obtaining a tight skin of the abdominal wall, reducing the amount of stretch marks, getting prettier body figure.
- jockstrap on the abdominal wall for about six weeks
- avoidance of physical activity for approximately one month
- stitches removal after about 10-14 days
- diet


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