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Plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery (pricelist, deposit)

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Ophtalmology and Plastic Surgery Private Hospital, Chorzow

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Dear Customers! We live in a world where many services are  now easily available. Plastic surgery used to be used only for trauma accidents corrections. Those days are now over and aesthetic surgeries are easily available at reasonable price. Please find pricelist from an excellent private hospital situated on the south - west of Poland. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

Surgical consultation -150 PLN
Consultation regarding surgical treatment of breast - 200 PLN
Anesthetic consultation 80,00 PLN 
Control visits after surgery
First control is free
Follow up visits and dressings removal/changing - 65,00 PLN
Stay (as determined by the type of surgery) - included in price of procedure
Stay - each additional day -  615 PLN
Stay of accompanying person per night with full board (B&B) - 184.50 PLN
Face Lift (face + neck) - from 14 000 PLN
Face Lift (face) - from 10 000 PLN
Lifting of Neck - from 8 000 PLN

Blepharoplasty (upper eyelids) - from 3 600 PLN
Blepharoplasty (lower eyelids) - from 3 700 PLN
Blepharoplasty (lower and upper) - from 6 900 PLN
NOSE (Rhinoplasty)
The nose (of cartilage) - from 7 000 PLN
The nose (cartilage and bone) - from 10 500 PLN
Plastic surgery of protruding ears - FROM 3 500 PLN
Plastic surgery of one protruding ear - from 2 200PLN
Breast augmentation (with round implants Mentor) - from 13 000 PLN
Breast augmentation (with anatomical implants Mentor) - from 14 000 PLN
Plastic surgery of sagging breast (mastopexy) with implants - from 19 990 PLN
Breast lift (mastopexy) - from 11 900 PLN
Breast reduction - from 15 990 PLN
Gynecomastia (male breast reduction)
Gynecomastia plastic surgery (in general anesthesia) - from 6 000 PLN
Gynecomastia (Liposuction, in general anesthesia) - from 5 500 PLN

Abdominoplasty (without displacement of navel) - from 8 000 PLN

One area - from 3 500,00 PLN
Labia reduction - from 3 990 PLN


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