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Body Jet Liposuction (one body area)

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Ophtalmology and Plastic Surgery Private Hospital, Chorzow

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The uniqueness of Body Jet ® treatment results from the first application of the method WAL (water-jet assisted liposuction). The method involves leaching the treatment solution infiltration of adipose tissue, which has the task of loosening fat. This is the least invasive method, which is to inflict as little harm to other tissues, nerves and blood vessels. The procedure is less painful and time of convalescence is reduced by half. Visible results after just a few days.
Before the surgery
On qualify for treatment, the patient must have a medical consultation carried out by the doctor who will perform the procedure and the anesthetist who will be making anesthesia. In addition, patient must have made ​​the following tests:
blood test, ultrasound (if any scars at specific bpdy area are present to exclude hernia)
Your anesthetist may recommend additional tests.
Description of operation
Treatment time is between 1-3 hours (depending on the number of body areas treated with liposuction)
After surgery, most of our patients are satisfied with:
Fashioned silhouette by suction excess fat from certain parts of the body
Recommendations after surgery
- frugal lifestyle,
- avoiding physical activity for about three weeks
- wear compression garments for about 6 weeks
- the diet in order to maintain the results achieved.

Price is per 1 body area


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