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Linea Plastic Surgery


Linea Corporis practices established through a combination of three experienced physicians, a new philosophy and persistent pursuit of a common dream. We see beauty as an asset in the pursuit of the fullness of life, as a form of freedom. Our work is important to us because we have the ambition to be more than just another plastic surgery center. We want to be thread uniting medicine and the arts. We have created a sensitive and communicative team with an individual approach to patients' problems. The created team working in an atmosphere of mutual trust, warmth, optimism, understanding others and discretion.

Taking into account the cultural background and fringe media era in which we live is not difficult to guess that most procedures of an aesthetic surgery is performed on women (from 85% to 95% according to various statistics). However, it would be wrong to think that most of these operations is performed on  pop culture celebrities or public figures. Aesthetic operations not only in the U.S. or in Western Europe but also in Poland, has long "wandered into the minds". Although the intuitive answer to the question of why this happened is quite obvious (to improve appearance what significantly improves mood and self-esteem scores), recently conducted extensive research to explain this phenomenon. They show that patients experience significant and lasting improvements to their appearance self aesthetic surgery. Researchers have observed not only that patients are in the vast majority of cases, satisfied with the results of operations but also that they experience significant, decrease in the incidence of negative emotions related to their own appearance as well social as intimate situations.
From various sources, it appears that that 87% of respondents are very satisfied with the outcome of the operation. A year after surgery 93% of patients of cosmetic surgery clinics has not changed the opinion of the validity of undergoing surgery, and 97% of patients would recommend the operation to their relatives or friends. Thus, not only on the basis of (not necessarily feminine) intuition but also through concrete evidence can be argued that the reason why patients devote their time and money to cosmetic surgery achieve significant and lasting benefits.


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