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Reduction of shadows under eyes (so called valley of tears)

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Kraków Aesthetic Medicine Centre, Kraków

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Shadows and bruises under eyes make the face look older and tired. The problem affects many people irrespective sex and age. Such changes can be observed even in younger age and be a hereditary problem. The problem can be solved thanks to treatments with the use of hyaluronic acid reducing loss of fat tissue in the area under eye socket. The therapy produces excellent effects but it should last a few weeks. Its scope is individually agreed with the Patient.
Preparations containing hyaluronic acid injected to dermis effectively eliminate its shortage, moisture the skin, fill in the wrinkles, add volume, sculpt lips, improve face contour, enhance natural regeneration of the skin and thus, even after the preparation is absorbed skin looks better than before the treatment. After the gel is injected into a wrinkle line or lips the preparation binds water and increases the volume of the area reducing wrinkles and sculpting lip contour. The treatment usually takes up to 30 minutes. Results can be admired immediately in a mirror. The procedure does not eliminate the Patient form everyday life. Filling is aimed at elimination of nasolabial folds, wrinkles around eyes, lines between eyebrows, falling lip corners and sculpting face contours.


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