Medical Tourism in Poland

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Kraków Aesthetic Medicine Centre


Scanmed Kraków Aesthetic Medicine Centre was created in order to help people who want to invest in their beauty and well-being. Scanmed Kraków Aesthetic Medicine Centre is intended for Clients who pay special care to the quality of services. 
Scanmed Kraków Aesthetic Medicine Centre offers a wide range of treatments, access to modern beauty improving and curing methods with the use of high quality equipment and high degree of safety of the services resulting from knowledge and experience of medical specialists. ISO 9001:2009 quality ensuring certificate confirms our continuous care about satisfaction of our Clients. 
Scanmed Kraków Aesthetic Medicine Centre offers the most modern treatment of Zaffiro thermolifting using a breakthrough technology of painless rejuvenation by means of infrared light and Vacuum - a method combining action of suction and three rotating balls producing a radial skin fold.  Rolling skin between the balls combined with suction unblocks the blood and oxygen flow in the suffocated cellulitic tissues. VaCavite which is an ultrasounds cavity is another especially recommended treatment, combining action of ultrasounds and vaccum in order to reduce fat tissue in a faster and more efficient way. Moreover, in Scanmed Kraków Aesthetic Medicine Centre our Clients will find a wide range of treatments improving condition and appearance of skin such as Dermafrac mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid filling or RADIESSE™ - the most effective face lifting.  


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