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Gastric Balloon (BIB)

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Healthcare Clinic Gdynia, Gdynia

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BIB (BioEnterics ® Intragastric Balloon) is a method that involves the introduction of a silicone balloon into the stomach then filled with saline. Balloon produces satiety, and makes you learn that the patient is unable to eat large meals.
The treatment lasts for about 6 months which means that balloon stays in stomach for this period of time. During this time, meeting with the doctor, the patient learns to correct principles of nutrition that change in behavior and motivation of their own success makes it easier to obtain a lasting effect.
BIB is primarily a weight loss program, which is a combination of modern technology, medical expertise and many years of experience gained in the treatment of thousands of patients around the stomach świecie.Balon is suitable for those who have a BMI over 30 Particularly good results obtain people who eat rare, but in larger quantities. Deciding on BIB patient can expect a significant decrease in weight in the first six months and continue for the next two years. After about a year approximately 70-80% of excess weight disappears. And thanks to that blood pressure normlalizes, blood glucose and insulin levels decrease.

BIB is a very effective method of treating obesity in case of patients with BMI higher than 40. It is recommended for patients who tried to lose weight using traditional ways: diet and physical activity but it didn't work. During the time that balloon is present in the stomach patient learns to stick to healthy habits, so after taking it out it is easier for him/her to maintain healthy eating habits. 

The price for BIB gastric balloon is about 2500 pounds. The price in Poland is twice less.



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