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Healthcare Clinic Gdynia


Healthcare Clinic Gdynia. About Clinic
Founded on 2 Dec 1996 is the very first private surgery hospital in the Tri-City and Pomeranian Region. Since that time the number of medical services including: consultations, diagnoses and surgeries has been rapidly increasing. In the first year of our activity, we performed only 370 surgeries, but the year after the number was twice that big. In 1999-2003, each year we carried out over 1600 surgical operations, 4000 clinical investigations, 10000 specialistic consultations and 1200 hospitalisations. Clinica Medica is well equipped with modern operating rooms, consulting rooms and intensive care unit. We offer double rooms with bathroom, toilet, cable TV, and telephone (21 beds included). Meals are served five times a day. At patient's request, dishes can be chosen out of menu card (this happens only with doctor's consent). Patient's family can stay with him during the whole treatment time.
Clinica Medica is a hospital with warm and homely atmosphere, caring, friendly and well qualified medical staff and perfect conditions satisfying patients' needs. Particular care about cleanness & hygiene of the place make all recoveries easier and more pleasant. One of the greatest advantages is the complete lack of thrombotic complications and postoperative infections in various operations during eight years of our activity.

After all surgeries we provide patients with professional, well-qualified medical and nursing care and further treatment under doctor's surveillance. On-duty doctors and anesthesiologist are at patient's disposal all the time. For medical consultations, at specified time, patients are registered by phone or individually in order to avoid queuing. Prices for treating and diagnosing patients in Clinica Medica are moderate.  Thanks to Clinica Medica's work a commonly existing stereotype of doctor - patient relations has changed and a new model of health care, based on the medical reform, has been introduced. It is based on patient's own decision in choosing a surgeon, arranging the date of a surgery, choosing anaesthesia and individual nursing and doctor's care during the whole treatment time.

A great number of patients, who visit our clinic regularly and are loyal clients, recommend it to family members and friends and express positive opinions about our activity. It accounts for the fact that Clinica Medica successfully comes up to patients' expectations.


Clinics' treatments

List of treatments

List of treatments Price
Gastric Balloon (BIB) 1508 €
Gastric Baloon (BIB) removal 428 €
Adult male circumcision 510 €
Surgeon consult 29 €