Medical Tourism in Poland

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Diagnostic tests and examinations

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Healthcare Center Piaseczno, Piaseczno, Warszawa

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Diagnostic tests and examinations:   
spirometry    123 PLN
audiometry    123 PLN
densytometry    123 PLN
cervical brush    74 PLN
HPV test basic    432 PLN
HPV test + serotype examination    432 PLN
Prenatal non-invasive test for pregnant women (PRISCA) + ultrasoung of pregnancy    432PLN + 246PLN
hysterosalpinography     615 PLN

Please write to us what kind of tests you want to book.  Reservation Fee is  about 50 PLN zł  (about 12 EU) and would by deduct from final price.
An average exchange rate of 1 EUR = 4,3 PLN


Learn more about the medical center »