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FUE Hair Transplantation

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Hair Transplantation Clinic Katowice, Bielsko Biała

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FUE-Follicular Unit Extraction
It is a modern surgery used in the treatment of baldness. This surgery is performed by picking individual hair units- each separately during the same session.
In comparison to the traditional method FUT, FUE surgery causes smaller damages, faster process of healing the wounds, less visible scars and most of all there is no long, linear scar visible. FUE is mostly addressed to patients who prefer wearing short hair. It is also recommended to patients who had undergone the hair surgeries before and the next removing of skin is impossible. A doctor picks individual hair units which may contain from 1 to 4 hairs by means of special puncture needles of minimal size i.e. of a diameter of 0,75-1 mm.
Before the surgery a precise estimation of the donor area is made and the range of transplanted hair is defined. The surgery is done under local-infiltration anesthesia.
For FUE surgery, hair from the donor place must be shaved to 2-3 mm in height. It is possible to choose a donor place in such a way that longer hair left around cover the place of picking hair. With special collecting needles Dr. Sendelewski individually picks separate hair units which are next put into a special container placed in a refrigerator in order to minimize the transplant hair necrosis.
It is necessary to remember that the area of picking in FUE method in comparison to FUT method will be approximately 20-30% bigger to obtain the same quantity of hair calculated for FUT.
After the surgery a special ointment and a dressing is placed. The quality of transplanted hair determines the result of hair transplantation with FUE method. For that reason, FUE may not always be done for all kinds of hair and for every patient.

Given price is average for the procedure of hair transplant with FUT method (1000 "transplants"). Total cost of hair transplant depends on amount of "transplants" used for the procedure.

Dear Users! Due to the fact that hair transplant is a complicated procedure and not everyone qualifies, please refrain from booking this treatment directly. Please, send us photos first (back of the head, place of hair loss), so that Clinic, can accept you for procedure. Also, after consult with surgeon, you will learn about exact price for the procedure. Please contact us on info[at] Thank you for your understanding!


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