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Hair Transplantation Clinic Katowice

Bielsko Biała

Hair transplantation is currently the only way to restore the functional and morphologic look of our head. Hair transplantation involves picking hair form one location and grafting it into the balding areas on the head.
Transplanted hair does not lose its genetically programmed growth rate. Thus, it keeps the ability to grow throughout your life in the place of transplantation.
Baldness is mostly a problem of men. Balding process in men is connected with an excessive activity of male hormone- testosterone, or rather its active metabolite dihydrotestosterone (5DHT). Recently, a permanent growth in male baldness has been recorded, particularly among young patients.
Women also suffer form baldness. In women the most common is thinning out of hair, especially in the central part of the head with the remaining hair in the frontal part.
After hair transplantation in San-Med not only will your appearance improve but also your general sense of condition. You will feel better, more freely and you will not have to conceal your embarrassing problem any more. It is worth remembering that the pioneer of hair transplantation is Dr. Norman Orentreich. It was him who performed and described the surgery of hair transplantation for the first time in 1959. San-Med is a professional place where the latest hair restoration surgeries are performed. Here, every patient is treated individually and all the staff does all the best to make a stay in a clinic pleasant and enjoyable. We guarantee full anonymity and intimate atmosphere.
Hair transplantation surgeries are performed by Dr. Artur Sandelewski. Dr. Sandelewski is a second degree specialist in general surgery and he specializes in the aesthetical surgery.
Hair transplantation is a special interest of Dr. Sandelewski. Dr. Sandelewski uses his abilities in this difficult branch of medicine- hair transplantation which he acquired during his numerous overseas courses and trainings.
Dr. Sandelewski gained the greatest experience during hands-on trainings with Dr. Vinzenzo Gambino and Dr. Akaki Tsilosani.
San-Med Hair Transplant is located near the centre of Bielsko-Biała, which makes it easily accessible. Purpose-built consulting rooms provide comfortable conditions of stay for patients.
We also offer special discounts for a nearby hotel for patients arriving from distant regions. For patients arriving by plane, we offer free transport form Katowice or Kraków airport.
For hair transplant surgery patients need basic laboratory tests.

For patients staying in Poland for longer period we offer free consults regarding hair transplant in Krakow, Katowice, Warsaw, Bielsko Biala.
Surgeries the most often last from 4 to 8 hours depending on the chosen method FUT or FUE and the quantity of transplanted hair. During a surgery a meal and hot and cold drinks are served.
In our clinic we use the following methods of hair transplantation:

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Clinics' treatments

List of treatments

List of treatments Price
FUT Hair Transplantation 1160 €
FUE Hair Transplantation 2320 €
BHT Hair Transplantation 2784 €
Hair transplantation STRIP 1160 €