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Hair Transplant Clinic Warsaw


Clinic was established in the year 1995 as the first Polish-German joint-venture. The Company benefits from the years-long experience of Medical Hair GmbH from Stuttgart, using the identical methods of hair transplanting. A significant part of medical personnel of the German clinic were Poles. This made possible the continuation of the activity in Poland at equally high level. We have years-long experience in hair transplanting procedures. Our Clinic is the forerunner in the transplantation of single hair follicles. Moreover, we specialise in surgical replenishment of hair loss after radiation treatment, we hide scars and burns on head and we replenish and reconstruct eyebrows. We have eight surgery clinics in Poland and twenty four consulting branches in major cities in Poland. We arrange a consultation free of charge with the participation of people who underwent transplantation surgery before.


Clinics' treatments

List of treatments

List of treatments Price
Hair transplant STRIP 2610 €
Hair transplant (FUE) 3109 €