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Hair transplant STRIP method

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Hair Transplant Clinic Poznan, Poznań

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Hair transplant STRIP method is based on extracting follicles in a group and then placing them on the recipient sites (the area on head which is lacking hair). The main advantage of Strip Harvesting technique is that it lets to transplant more follicles during one hair surgery. It is known that STRIP method is much more cheaper than other hair transplant methods. Even though STRIP technique leaves a linear scar after a treatment which can be hidden by growing hair, this method has still many supporters. The donor area will require a longer period of time needed to be fully healed when it is comparing with other hair transplant methods. The STRIP method should be carried out by a professional doctor.

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Given price is average for the procedure of hair transplant with STRIP method (1000 "transplants"). Total cost of hair transplant depends on amount of "transplants" used for the procedure.

Dear Users! Due to the fact that hair transplant is a complicated procedure and not everyone qualifies, please refrain from booking this treatment directly. Please, send us photos first (back of the head, place of hair loss), so that Clinic, can accept you for procedure. Please contact us on info[at] Thank you for your understanding!

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