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Hair transplantation STRIP

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Hair Transplant Clinic Lublin, Lublin

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STRIP Follicular Unit Transplantation is currently a basic method in hair restoration surgery. Ii is especially recommended for patients who expect thick hair after the transplantation and at the same time can tolerate the presence of a linear scar, which is mostly little visible when applying a special surgery technique.
Before the surgery a precise estimation of the donor area is made and the range of transplanted hair is defined. Photographic documentation taken assures full anonymity.
The surgery is done under local-infiltration anesthesia. A specially prepared anesthetic solution is used to minimize the side-effects of anesthesia to minimum. For the surgery it is enough to shave hair in a place of the picked strip of approximately 1,5 cm width and about 30cm length- depending on the quantity of the picked hair units. Thanks to it after the surgery the place of picking hair becomes invisible because it is covered by long hair. A doctor performing the surgery picks from the occipital area a strip of the proper width and length containing the suitable quantity of hair to be transplanted.

Next, the obtained strip is passed for further preparation. Thanks to the usage of the special technique-trichophytoic closure, a scar in the place of hair picking is invisible from the distance.
Every transplanted transplant- hair unit is properly divided and prepared for transplantation under the stereoscopic microscope. Microscopes which are used assure precision and ‘production’ of the healthiest hair for transplantation. Previously prepared transplants are inserted in the prepared apertures according to the planned line.
After the surgery, in the place of wound after the strip picking, a small dressing is placed. An area with transplanted hair is covered with special ointments and a disinfectant. After the hair transplantation surgery performed in this way with STRIP technique, a patient may go home.

Given price is average for the procedure of hair transplant with STRIP method (1000 "transplants"). Total cost of hair transplant depends on amount of "transplants" used for the procedure.

Dear Users! Due to the fact that hair transplant is a complicated procedure and not everyone qualifies, please refrain from booking this treatment directly. Please, send us photos first (back of the head, place of hair loss), so that Clinic, can accept you for procedure. Also, after consult with surgeon, you will learn about exact price for the procedure. Please contact us on info[at] Thank you for your understanding!


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