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Thermage (face contouring)

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European Institute of Aesthetic Dermatology Warsaw, Warszawa

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Thermage CPT

LIFTING without a scalpel
10 years, 1,000,000 patients treated! Safe, efficient and reliable!

Benefits of treatment:
• one-time procedure
• the only treatment which is used for lifting, tightening of eyelid

the most effective treatment of thickening of the skin, which can also lift the abdominal skin
• no convalescence period
• no need to avoid sunlight

• effect lasts for years
procedure is performed only by a certified medical doctor
Dr. Beata Kociemba, as the earliest in Poland - since 2006, performs the Thermage® procedure, she is highly experienced in such treatment.
Bearing in mind that the patients’ requirements are different, the experience of the doctor is a crucial factor in deciding which parameters must be selected, e.g. how to define skin-tightening vectors, in order to get the spectacular effect of the treatment.
The treatment course
Thermage ® procedure is performed with the original patented device called ThermaCool ®, using disposable tips for treatment.
Experienced doctor:
takes pictures before surgery
• washes the skin,
• applies a special ribbon to the skin,
• protects eyes with special lenses

• selects the optimal energy of the treatment,
• washes, applies cream.
Treatment takes 1 - 2 hours, depending on the area of the body .
Mechanism of action
Monopolar, high-power radio waves warm the collagen in
dermis and subcutaneous tissue.
Procedure causes the shrinkage of the collagen fibers, which results in immediate improvement of skin tension, which may be also a signal which activates fibroblasts in the skin, that produce new cells. The new healthy collagen will be sustained for up to 4- 5 years.
Is the treatment painful?
The treatment must be made with an acceptable level of comfort for the patient, but not pain. The latest vibrating tip gives an extremely good balance between the mild discomfort necessary and the excellent results obtained.
Clinical studies have confirmed that the effect of Thermage CPT improves skin tightness.
ThermaCool ® is registered by FDA ( U.S. Agency for Food and Drug Administration ) as a device for the non-invasive treatment of wrinkles.
Thermage ® in the eye area.
Treatment of the eyes is the only procedure which smoothes and tightens the skin around the eyes, by reducing wrinkles and overhangs in the eye area without a scalpel, injection and additional period of convalescence.
Patient obtains younger and more rested gaze and lifted eyelids and eyebrows .
Duration of the procedure around the eyes is only one hour.
You can apply make-up and return to normal activities immediately after the procedure,  there is no bruising, swelling or sutures. 

Effects obtained after Thermage procedure:
- Reduction of the skin’s overhangs
- Improvement of  the eye contour
- Reduction of bags under the eyes

- Sculpting of the outline of the jaw
- Raising of  the cheeks
- Reduction of double chin
- Tightening of  skin around the neck
- Stretching of the skin around the abdomen , thighs , buttocks , arms
- Tightening of the skin on the hands .
" Thermage has dramatically changed the landscape for non-invasive skin tightening. Thermage can tighten the skin of the jaw line, lower face and the neck, as well as prevent future aging. "
M.Kaminer , medicine . MD, dermatologist
Chestnut Hill, MA, USA

Clinical studies have confirmed that the effect of Thermage CPT ® is based on the improved tightness of the skin.
ThermaCool ® device has FDA registration ( United States Agency for Food and Drug Administration ) for non-invasive treatment of wrinkles.
Thermage significantly delays the need for invasive cosmetic surgery procedure.
Thermage CPT ® is a kind of bridge between dermatology and aesthetic surgery . Additionally, it is an excellent and safe adjuvant to other treatments such as liposuction , fillers, botox  and  fractional lasers such as Palomar® .
Our Institute received the European Medal for the Thermage  procedure in 2010.


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