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Slim Lipo

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European Institute of Aesthetic Dermatology Warsaw, Warszawa

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You’re fighting  with an excessive adipose tissue ?

Have you ever though how hard is dispose of the local obesity through diet or exercising at the gym as well with the help of personal trainer?
Would you like to eliminate  adipose tissue quickly, definitively and without sagging skin?
The procedure which eliminate excessive adipose tissue were never before so effective, accurate and durable.

Effects of Slim Lipo procedure before and after
slim lipo before and after

Method of Laser body modeling  using Palomar Slim Lipo™ 3D .
Palomar Slim Lipo 3D is a groundbreaking method of  body contouring through the laser liposuction together with  thermo-lifting of the skin.
Slim Lipo Laser Liposuction is the most innovative and effective method of the excessive adipose tissue elimination.
It is also the most secure of all invasive procedures of the body modeling.

Laser Liposuction Palomar Slim Lipo may ensure :

• effective and immediate fat removal and skin shrinkage by using a laser which has a wavelength of 924nm , which acts selectively on adipose tissue and also may dissolve it effectively;
• improvement of the skin elasticity after the procedure of  advanced laser lipolysis. The patient’s skin is " not sagging " after the fat removal;
• mild course of the procedure, where the invasiveness is limited to minimum; wavelength selectivity mean less bruising, pain, blood loss and swelling, and results in faster healing ;
• very short time of recovery;
• procedure is carried out under local anesthesia .
How does the Palomar Slim Lipo  work?
The SlimLipo™ Body Sculpting Laser  utilizes two different wavelengths (924nm and 975nm) to disrupt fat and tighten skin. The 924 and 975 wavelengths are actually patented wavelengths due to their affinity for fat (924) and water (975). 924 targets fat and to a lesser extent the dermis, while 975 targets water which is a large component of dermal tissue. So the 924 nm laser is directed into the fatty layer you want removed. There are a number of advantages to this procedure, the slim lipo selectively dissolves fat  and the laser used for slim lipo closes the blood vessels which reduces the healing time.

 For whom is dedicated the laser lipolysis procedure of Palomar Slim Lipo ™?
The procedure is dedicated for anyone who is looking for an effective way of modeling the body, and the results of preliminary medical examinations classified her/ him for the procedure.
The method also may be used for corrections of other inequalities which were created after other invasive procedures dedicated for the body modeling.
How does a laser lipolysis procedure Palomar Slim Lipo ™ 3D work ?
Patient should be consulted by the doctor who will perform the procedure before it.

The doctor always marks the treatment area and makes photos before the abdominal liposuction or other parts of the body .  Laser lipolysis is performed under local anesthesia , which is administered shortly before the procedure in the treatment room.
With two distinct wavelengths – 924 nm and 975 nm – the SlimLipo laser provides a less invasive procedure that not only melts fat but also achieves tighter, smoother skin and faster healing.
What should I expect after surgery ?

Shortly after liposuction the special compression garment is imposed into the treatment area, which should be worn for the first 2 weeks after surgery. Immediately after procedure patient can go home.
The slimming effects  is seen at once, and there is no strain and inequalities, which may be visible after the other invasive fat reduction’s  methods.
The skin is smooth and tight . The very satisfactory results achieved after the procedure , may be increased during a few months.
Is the procedure painful , how long will take its recovery ?
The procedure is performed under local anesthesia , therefore patient does not feel any discomfort .
Some patients return to their daily activities in the next day , the others need a maximum  two days.
Do you require medical examination before of this procedure , and what are the possible contraindications?

The previous examination is required. The proper results are necessary  for the admission to this procedure.
Contraindications :
• pregnancy
• diabetes
• hypertension
• abnormal blood clotting
• heart disease
• renal failure
• hepatic failure
• inflammation
Procedure is carried out by the experienced cosmetic surgeon.
Beauty Derm Institute offers the postoperative room, which is supervised bya nurse , therefore each patient can relax in comfortable pace after the procedure.


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