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European Institute of Aesthetic Dermatology Warsaw, Warszawa

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A novel technique which utilizes Soft Silhouette strands for the facelift.
Soft silhouette is a novel technique for facelifts. This technique works well for the correction of naso-labial folds, wrinkles and contours of your face, cheeks and neck.
This treatment is indicated for patients whose skin has lost its firmness, the outline of the jaw has become less sharp or eyebrows and eyelids have started to fall, and in the case of lowering corners of the mouth and considerable naso-labial furrows.

The treatment is also recommended for the correction of flabby neck skin.  Soft Silhouette is the most advanced product which is available on the market todayThe small, absorbable cones anchor deep in the tissue, and tension is created that effectively raises the flabby tissue. The treatment is fast, comfortable, and does not require hospitalization.  It is performed under local anesthesia in about 40 minutes in the outpatients’ clinic.
Correction is maintained for 12 to 18 months. Threads can be used in conjunction with other procedures of aesthetic medicine, such as hyaluronic acid or injection of botulinum toxin, which gives a still more natural appearance.
Effects of Soft Silhouette strands are visible shortly after their introduction into the skin.

The lifting and tightening effects of the skin are immediately visible.  The full process of tissue regeneration and proliferation of collagen fibers lasts up to 9 monthsAn immediate convalescence allows return to normal activities within two days, and after two weeks, the skin regains its soft, natural appearance.

Skin may generate a large amount of new collagen as a result of the skin’s reaction to the threads, therefore the treatment effects last up to 4 years. This treatment, and other such kinds of treatments, do not stop the natural aging process in the skin. Soft Silhouette threads are made of the polylactic acid and glycolic acid, which are fully absorbable after 1.5 - 2 yearsSoft silhouette is a procedure that can be used effectively in women and men alike.

The new Soft Silhouette procedure helps to avoid the problems associated with the movement of threads, its rupture and pain, which may occur when the threads with needles are used.
Safety is guaranteed,  the materials used in this procedure are approved by the U.S.A’s FDA Agency (Food and Drug Administration).


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