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Thermage (for face + eyelids)

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Thermage for face + eyelids.

is a device that uses radio frequency waves (radiofrequency, called radiofrequency - RF) to perform a safe, non-invasive treatment resulting in smoothing and skin lifting, improving the contours of the face, which results in a younger looking. Thermage gives natural results without causing any adverse effects on both the face and the body. Just follow one treatment to get the desired effect. Thermage can be used on face, eyelids, neck, abdomen, shoulders, arms, thighs, buttocks. Thermage is also used to eliminate cellulite.
What can be improved by Thermage?
Face - increase tension and pulling cheeks, contours and improves facial contours, contour restoration of the jaw line, smooth and lift the front - a raised eyebrow.
Eyes - a reduction of excess skin on the eyelids, reducing bags under the eyes, smoothing fine lines around the eyes.
Neck - tension and smoothing the skin of the neck, chin reduction.
Body - wherever there is a loss of flexibility and relaxation of the skin (abdomen, neck, shoulders, arms, thighs, buttocks).
Cellulite - leveling the surface of the skin, reducing the signs of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks
How many treatments are required?
Unlike many other anti-aging treatments, including laser, to achieve the effect you only need one Thermage treatment. It is currently the only non-invasive procedure among treatments where one treatment session is enough.
How long does the Thermage procedure take?
The treatment according to the area and size of the treated area of ​​the skin is from 30 mins. ti 1,5 hours. Immediately after procedure, the patient can return to normal activity.
Do I need any special action before and after the procedure?
No. Unlike other more invasive treatments Thermage does not require virtually no special treatment before or after. Since we do not have any side effects, the patient can immediately resume normal activities. Fewer people immediately after the operation may be seen a slight erythema and swelling of the skin, that disappear within 24 hours.
How does Thermage work?
Thermage uses radio frequency (RF) to heat the deep layers of the skin. Heat causes the existing collagen contraction and immediate increase in skin firmness, and on the other hand, stimulation of the production of new collagen. The result is an improvement of the and tension and elasticity of the skin, restoring contours (lifting effect), smoothing the surface and improvement of skin texture.
What does this technology differ from other treatments Thermage lifting?
Unlike other treatments Thermage does not require any surgery or injections. Some lasers and other RF devices also tighten the skin. None of them, however, does not work as deeply as Thermage. Through its strong performance Thermage is the most effective device causing the shrinkage of existing, and the stimulation of new collagen production, which in turn leads to an increase in tension of the skin and causes it to look younger.
Thermage or a surgery?
Some people want a large and immediate effects associated with surgery, accepting operational risk and recovery time needed. For others, a better solution is more subtle and gradual unfolding effect without much risk or recovery time. For those who believe that lifting surgery is too invasive operation, Thermage is an effective and safe solution.
When you see the effects after the surgery and how long they persist?
The effects can be seen immediately after the treatment. In case of most patients, improvement in skin tension and contours is visible gradually within 2 to 6 months after a single treatment. The results persist for many years, and this period depends on the condition of the skin prior to surgery and continue to run the natural aging process.
Is Thermage is approved by the FDA?
Thermage is FDA registered non-invasive treatments to reduce wrinkles, wrinkles and cellulite and is the first and only device of the RF are authorized to carry out operations within the eye area. The Food and Drug Administration FDA (Food and Drug Administration, abbreviated FDA) - U.S. government agency is responsible for the control of food, medicine cosmetics, medical devices in the United States. The FDA is known for its strict rules governing the issuance of authorizations for medicines and medical devices. The positive opinion issued by the FDA is also recognized outside of the U.S. as a benchmark of quality and confirmation no proof that the negative impact on health.

Clinic uses the most moderna Thermage machine CPT.


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