Medical Tourism in Poland

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Dental Clinic Villa


Dental Clinic Villa is one of the most modern and patient-friendly clinic in Europe. You will meet here  only the top professionals with outstanding medical experience as well as with  individual and warm-hearted attitude towards each patient.

The Clinic is located in a quiet, elegant and safe neighbourhood. We provide a discrete service and consulting so Villa Nova is popular among the businesspeople and celebrities. The clinic is fully adapted to the needs of the handicapped patients.

Our patients may use 9 cabinets equipped with diagnostic and therapeutic machinery of a top worldwide standard. As the only clinic in Warsaw, we offer computer simulation of the final look, which is especially useful for patients who decide for aesthetic stomatology. For those who are a bit afraid of a visit we suggest a computer directed analgesia WAND. If you want to take care of your beautiful smile in a professional way, comfort environment and pleasant company- Villa  Dental Clinic is the place to visit!



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