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Endodontics treatment (deposit)

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Dental Clinic Gdansk Para, Gdansk

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Root canal treatment is probably the most disliked dental treatment. Drilling is scary to us, something we hate breaking a tooth, but the prospect of endodontics (the professional name of the procedure) gives us the creeps. Perhaps there is really nothing to be afraid of? Dentistry has developed a lot in past years, and a visit to the dentist, even with a very serious problem doesn't need to be a nightmare. 

Pricelist of root canal treatment (in polish currency - złoty):

Root canal treatment (tooth with 1 canal) - 250 - 300 PLN

Root canal treatment (tooth with 2 canals) -
 300 - 350  PLN

Root canal treatment (tooth with 3 canals) - 3
50 - 400  PLN

Root canal treatment (tooth with 4 canals) - 
400 PLN

 In order to start treatment please book this treatment, simply by clicking „book now” button and follow the instructions. You will be charged 20 - 25 EUR deposit which will be deducted from final payment in clinic after treatment.


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