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GlamSmile Veneers (no grinding)

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Dental and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Gdynia, Gdynia

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GlamSmile Veneers
Sielska Clinic is the only dentist in the Trójmiasto (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot), that provides a Hollywood smile with veneers GlamSmile that do not require grinding teeth, provide a beautiful aesthetic effect and are an excellent alternative to traditional veneers. Over the last twenty years, applying dental veneers were carried out prior preparation, grinding the tooth down to dentin. Porcelain veneers GlamSmile, mounted directly to the enamel are more robust and provide more comfort functional than attached to the dentin, because the enamel is more rigid substrate.
The launch of a very thin veneers would not be possible without the technological advancements in the production and use of molded ceramics computer programs for their design. Veneers are made in GlamSmile laboratories in Belgium on the basis of computer visualization. This process includes preparation and processing of impressions, computer design, casting, scanning and digital processing. First, the designer prepares the veneers computer project, which after suitable processing goes to the department responsible for the construction and finish work. Through the use of computer design is achieved extraordinary precision with which the veneers are adapted to the shape of the tooth, and above all to the border of enamel przyszyjkowego. GlamSmile produces pressed porcelain veneers used in production. Their thickness varies between 0.3 and 0.5 mm. Veneers do not require grinding of the tooth.
Clinical Recommendations on the use of non-invasive veneers and minimally invasive based on a legitimate need to preserve healthy tooth structure and tooth enamel, allowing for the optimal assumption. Just as there are recommendations for conventional substrate preparation for veneers (eg in case of occlusion or the need to compensate for loss of teeth), the use of veneers GlamSmile, but not to the substrate or the application of just the slight treatment may allow to obtain satisfactory results. The use of veneers is subject GlamSmile baseline, and the shape, size and alignment of teeth, we agree with the patient before starting treatment. Individually we consider issues related to the occurrence of cracks, minor malocclusion, various types of treatments made before, discoloration and fluorosis, enamel defects, minor defects, cracks and improper szpecącymi anatomy of the teeth.
Patients with short teeth, or inclined in the direction of the tongue are ideal candidates for use of surface preparation techniques requiring no or only minor treatment. It should also be taken into account that placement in the mouth of porcelain material layer with a thickness of 0.3 to 0.5 mm will also affect the layout of the lip.
GlamSmile veneers used in the case:
- willingness to change color and shape of teeth - Hollywood smile
- the need to hide the discoloration of teeth
- local dental stains dead
- local defects
- enamel improper construction,
- defects in tooth shape (eg, stunted lateral incisors)
- gaps between teeth,
- slight malocclusion, displacement of the front teeth,
- offset the effects of previous dental procedures, which had a negative impact on the appearance of teeth,
- correction of teeth improperly arched (flat),
- need to cover up the reconstruction of porcelain or porcelain and metal.
Contraindications to the use of veneers GlamSmile. Contraindications are dictated by the necessity of implementation of large corrections due to the significant loss of teeth involving the displacement of other teeth. The indication for a single traditional veneers is the need to comply with a partial correction of smile, which from an aesthetic point of view can be considered satisfactory. This type of veneer is assumed to traditional technique, which allows incorporation of the best bite. Also the lack of one or several teeth is a contraindication to this method, as well as active periodontal disease. Clinical examination before the decision to use GlamSmile veneers must be thorough, both in terms of aesthetics (the patient's expectations, smile lines and other criteria for the evaluation of a smile), and on the tooth and periodontal tissues.
Treatment begins with a whitening treatment. Then, in order to offset the necks of teeth and gingival recession were to cover the graft tissue at the tooth.
Downloaded impressions of the jaws. Making impressions does not expose the necks of teeth, because the expected veneers come to the upper limit of the gums, and never enter the subgingival area. In this way keeps the biological space. Downloaded impressions were sent to the laboratory GlamSmile with standardized photographic documentation.
Working in the lab. Design veneers using a computer program, allows you to send the patient a three-dimensional simulation of electronic mail and approval of the desired effect.
The computer model GlamSmile veneers. Then, based on computer visualization preparing a super thin and durable GlamSmile veneers is in progress. Ready veneers are placed in a patented rail positioning. Rail also establishes the position and status of matching veneers in the dental arch.
Applying veneers. With the veneers corrective rail i salso provided that allows a short-term fixes. The set is calculated and executed by computer, so you can properly prepare the jaw for establishing veneers, teeth and optimize the system to find the appropriate harmony. When set correctly, the bus, checked whether they are correctly matched veneers. Then performed surgery in the oral cavity photopolymerization. During the first week after the founding of veneers it is absolutely required bracing for controlling bites bite. During the visit - within 48 hours after the founding of veneers - made their final match. Next inspection is carried out after one week.
Periodic checks. Visit every 6 months is required. Please observe the terms of. During removal of tartar must take special care not to scratch the surface of the veneers. In order to maintain health, we recommend alternating the use of regular toothbrushes with an electric toothbrush.

Sielska Clinic collaborates with Dr. François Grossetti working with GlamSmile in Paris and is the only Belgian partner in Pomerania GlamSmile Laboratories. We invite you to consult! 

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