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Dental and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Gdynia


Dental and aesthetic medicine clinic. Sielska Clinic is a modern dental  and aesthetic medicine clinic made ​​from genuine passion for medicine that heal and restores beauty. Our dream was to create a place where we would like to be treated ourselves.  We know that no visit to the doctor should not be combined with the stress. That is why we care as much about the climate of the visit, the safety, efficacy and painless proposed procedures. We achieve this through carefully elaborated together with the state plan of treatment. In this Clinic you will find multiple procedures, starting from oral surgery, implantology, prosthetics, conservative dentistry and aesthetic medicine to the novel procedures based on neuromodulators, treatments or volumetric medical scrubs. We assist you in fulfilling all the wishes of the color, size, shape or set of teeth, but also the shape and proportions of the various parts of the face to make your smile last a lifetime.


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