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Treatment and rehabilitation stays in SPA

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Treatment and rehabilitation stays:
- Galvanizing (provides pain-relief, anti-inflammatory effects, increases blood flow and contributes to tissue regeneration - helps wounds heal quicker)
- Electrotherapy (brings pain relief, improves blood-flow, reduces muscle tension and increases the rate of absorption of swellings, oedemas and joint exudates)
- Lontophoresis (works as a local anaesthetic, brings pain relief, has anti-inflammatory effects and reduces swelling)
- Electrostimulation (strengthens and firms the all the muscles, improves the appearance of the skin, makes the entire body look better, reduces body weight and cellulite, brings pain and tension relief (reduces swelling), treatment of muscle problems such as loss of tone or shortening, helps treat rheumatic disorders
- Trancutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (inhibits spinal and general processing of pain, enhances endorphin production, reduces muscle tension)
- Diadynamic currents –DD Currents or Bernard’s currents (Pain relief, increases blood flow)
- Magnetotherapy – the use of magnetic field (analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, enhances metabolism and blood flow, helps wounds heal faster)
- Utrasonotherapy – Ultrasound treatments (analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, reduction of muscle tension, dilation of blood vessels
- Laser therapy (analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling effects, enhances tissue recovery rate, boosts micro-circulation, improves the absorption of swellings, stimulates the immune system)
- Local cryotherapy (local application of cold air Analgesic effect, slows down the inflammatory process, reduces swelling, increases the range of mobility in the cooled joints)
- General cryotherapy (treatment in a cryotherapy chamber brings pain relief and reduces swelling, boosts the immune system, improves blood-flow and general vitality. Whole-body cryotherapy also facilitates weight loss: Rejuvenates and firms the skin, destroys cellulite)
- Hydrotherapy - baths (hydro-massages, showers, baths in ozone water)
- Inhalations in a Saline Chamber - Treatment of the inflammations of the upper respiratory tract, psychosomatic disorders (anxiety disorders, depression, fatigue, attention deficits, hypersensitivity to stress)
- Kinesitherapy (limited mobility of the joints, weakness and paralysis of the muscles- both flaccid and spastic, states after prolonged immobilization of a limb, initial state of recovery after joint surgery)
- Treatment massages (lumbar pains with radiation to the lower limbs, lumbar-neck pains radiating towards the upper limbs, blockages and shortenings of ligaments and muscles of the spine, pain and stiffness of the limbs, spinal deformities, stiffness of the neck, post-injury and post-surgery states of the spine, sport injuries, anxiety disorders and depressions with headaches)
- Full range of facial beauty treatments and aesthetic cosmetic treatments

The price refers to one week stay. The cost of a single treatment depends on your SPA offer choice.

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