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Consensus med Beauty Institute of dr Jasiewicz Krakow


Private healthcare facility, called Consensus med Beauty Institute of dr Jasiewicz (aesthetic medicine and laser treatment), and is registered in the Department of Health Regional Office in Krakow. Since 2002, it belongs to the Velvet Medicine - a nationwide network of medical practices and NZOZ - s. In addition to frequent telephone contact twice a year we organize internal training involving the exchange of experiences and inviting selected distributors. Together, we care about improving the quality and range of services. Since 2004, institute is recommended by the Polish Society for Laser Therapy - an organization of doctors of different specialties use lasers in their practice of medicine. Our daily efforts and care for our patients resulted in a very large number of people going to recommand us from a friend to friend (over 70%). It's a huge honor for us. However, we remain critical of ourselves and still improve the quality and range of services aiming to meet your highest expectations. In addition to the widest range of services, we conduct activities for the prevention and treatment of skin cancers. Each consultation is extended to tailor preventive health recommendations.
We invite you to use our services,
Katarzyna Jasiewicz, along with the team


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