Medical Tourism in Poland

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British - Polish Institute of Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatosurgery


Our ethos is to address health and beauty from the inside as well as the outside. Nutrition, exercise, psychology and spirituality all enter into the equation of health and beauty.
We can help
Cosmetic medical techniques can help to enhance or to preserve our good features and to remove or reduce those less invited features, often associated with age. Ageing, environmental stress, diseases such as acne and our increasingly busy lives means that we all need a little help from skilled professionals. Face and Body Institute Practitioners are all medical practitioners and have been trained in London and Poland to provide advice and treatment tailored to your individual needs.

The treatments
The best treatments are not always the newest. The history of cosmetic medicine is littered with stories of bad results and poor outcomes. Our trained, dedicated practitioners perform treatments that have been shown to be safe, effective with long-lasting natural results. We have fifteen years of experience behind The Face and Body Institute and are constantly adding to it by regular scientific updates. We select our treatments to best serve our clientele; treatments with an excellent safety profile, those with the least risks possible, predictable results and as a bonus, no pain or downtime. We refuse to perform treatments that we believe are potentially harmful to our clients.

The Practitioners
Dr Elisabeth Dancey is an English doctor who was integral in the creation and development of cosmetic medicine in England in the early 1990's.
She trained in England and furthered her studies in Belgium. Returning to England she introduced new techniques that had been commonplace for the beauty-    
conscious French women for years. In 1994 she wrote "The Cellulite Solution", describing cellulite as a medical condition and introducing mesotherapy as a genuine medical solution for the complaint. Over the last ten years she has dominated England's burgeoning cosmetic market, creating in this rapidly expanding sector her specialist area of safe, effective, pain-free techniques that provide natural results. She prefers to work with the body rather than against it and thinks about the eventual outcome (years rather than months) before performing procedures on clients. Having seen the development of this market from the very beginning, she has witnessed the benefits and disadvantages, using this knowledge to the benefit of her clients and in the development of new, long-lasting techniques that allow women (and men) to retain their looks forever.
Paulina Pyka enjoyed one of her first jobs in England as a highly effective receptionist and administrative assistant to Dr Dancey in her London clinic. It was Paulina who saw the opportunity to create a similar clinic in Poland, enabling Polish people to receive the same high standards of cosmetic medicine and to have access to the same technology. Poland is known for its well-qualified capable doctors but has been deprived of money and exposure to "western cosmetic techniques". In terms of western cosmetic medicine, Poland has still a lot to learn. Paulina believes that it is essential to avoid the same mistakes being made in Poland as were made by doctors all over Europe in the early days of cosmetic medicine. It is for this reason that our clinic has invested heavily in training, technology and materials. Not just for the rich and famous, the Face and Body Institute aims to offer sensible advice on all aspects of cosmetic medicine. Face and Body Institute, Krakow is a small, friendly clinic staffed by two English-speaking female doctors and is open six days a week.

No hard sell
We do charge for a consultation. This takes up to half an hour and is time for exchange of information; understanding your needs and discussing our proposals. The consultation is not our "selling opportunity". We will suggest. We will not sell to you. It is an opportunity for you to ask and for us to give you information. Research, returning to the community. The Face and Body Institute believes in academic research to further our understanding of the skin and healing, and to provide knowledge for the greater good of our scientific community. We are actively involved with University departments in research, updates and details of which can be found on our website. We are involved with various research projects. Our aim is to develop treatments specifically for long-term problems that interfere with the quality of life. Two areas that we are involved with at the moment are leg ulcers and acne

We are constantly updating ourselves so that we can provide the best service for you. We attend international conferences and seminars in Cosmetic Medicine and related areas.
We believe in education of our clients – in health and well-being and will offer advice on nutrition, lifestyle, psychology, etc when asked.

Follow up / Checking visits
We offer a free check-up for all of our new clients two weeks later just to make sure that you have got the best out of your treatment.

Institute is registered with the SANOPID. All the doctors are Polish trained and registered and have furthered their studies with Dr Elisabeth Dancey in London. They have regular training updates in London and Paris. All medicines used are licensed for use in Poland. All devices carry the CE mark. All details of your treatment will be kept confidential. Any photographs taken will remain strictly in your file and will not be shown to anybody else.

Health campaigns
Institute believes in prevention. Your doctor will suggest preventative measures where necessary. On a larger scale, Institute in involved in national prevention and education campaigns.
Men as well as women deserve to look better, and we are only too pleased to help. Many products have been designed speficially for the demands of the male skin. We have seen the male clientele increase steadily over the years – why should they not share in the benefits of looking good and feeling great?


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