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Beauty Institute Warsaw, Warszawa

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Sculptra ® is a biocompatible and biodegradable injectable formulation that uses a substance known as polylactic acid, L-. It stimulates the skin to naturally produce collagen alone.
The effect of treatment is fuller face shape and naturally smoother and youngerskin with clearly reduced lines, furrows, wrinkles and folds. Effects of treatmentwith Sculptra ® preparation persist even up to 2 years!
• The effects become noticeable after a few weeks. After 4-6 weeks after the first treatment should be evaluated patient's skin condition and decide if additionalcorrection is needed. Improve the appearance of the skin is most often seen after 2-3 treatments.
Side effects during treatment:
• pain during the injection - it can be eliminated by prior use of anesthetic
• Redness, swelling - occurs immediately after surgery, it is a skin reaction topricking
• Very rare allergic conditions manifesting erythema, resolved spontaneously after a few minutes or hours
• bruises, hematomas - increases the risk of changes in the applicationimmediately before surgery, drugs that affect blood clotting (eg aspirin);


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